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Kalyx ######

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I wanted to support both boards when the split happened, but the fact that this place now has an _official_ discord channel sickens me to my stomage. this is not schway at all


I can agree
The info asks users that using a persistent identity is pretty much against the purpose of an anonymous board.
Following that, Discordapp is the exact opposite, it's really hard to be able to maintain multiple accounts for at least true pseudonymous chat. Too easy to find accounts anywhere else in the system or social media if your digital footprint is pretty big


No one is complaining about Telegram, which requires a phone number, or IRC, which can reveal your IP address.

Anyways, it's not like they have any illusions about what Discord is:

> has a presence in a variety of services including an IRC channel and Telegram chatroom in addition to this Discord server. I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that Discord is a centralized service that in all likelihood actively data mines its userbase as their ToS permits.

>Please take all sensitive communications as needed to secure channels (e.g., XMPP/OTR) rather than posting any sensitive information in Discord servers or direct messages. We'd much prefer a libre alternative to Discord with many of the same bells and whistles, but Discord is ubiquitous, convenient, and hard to avoid if you have many friends spread across a lot of online communities who may not be knowledgeable when it comes to privacy and mass surveillance.

>Never install any piece of software, proprietary or otherwise, that you believe could put you at risk. If you must use this software, remember that everything you post is stored on a server to which you have no real access. This is our official stance, but we use this Discord community as-is for casual discussion and anything non-sensitive.


you can easily get a burner for number for telegram and irc only leaks your ip if you dont take any precautions against it.

And its not just about the privacy infringement of discord, its also about the kind of people it brings.


IRC is the easiest service you can proxy.
For example, if you wanted to use a soykafty Web client, heroku could host it for free


This is


>Please remember that auxiliary services are not relevant to /q/.
Also if OP is actually genuine (which I doubt), they are either obnoxiously autistic or never really cared for the board in the first place.


Nice projection, officer 'let's degrade lainchan with officialized proprietary channels'.


The Telegram is also not schway, either.

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