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For transparency reasons, do you think giving users IDs would be a good idea?

I personally support it, as it would stop a lot of samefagging and potential "fake activity generation", if it's taking place. (Or, at the very least, it would force people to torpost, upping the level of effort required to do so)


I really like this idea.


I really hate IDs, please don't do this. If people are samefagging the mods can point it out, there's no need to introduce IDs.


>For transparency reasons, do you think giving users IDs would be a good idea?
I think you're looking for a discussion forum. This is an anonymous image board. Even the staff are expected to remain anonymous unless their post is made in an official capacity.


File: 1505105773566.gif (135.42 KB, 632x480, chinese chicken.gif)



Don't fall for obvious bait and you're golden.


File: 1505147613339.jpg (54.87 KB, 1280x804, photo_2017-06-25_13-20-22.jpg)

Why? IDs don't carry over between threads and are just used to establish which posts a certain poster has written within a single thread. There's no reason to not implement this - it's still anonymous, it just discourages samefagging and fake advertising for websites.

I think you're mistaken as to how IDs have been implemented on other imageboards. You're still fully anonymous, and IDs don't carry over between threads. Try learning about imageboard culture and technologies before commenting.

>calling things bait when you disagree with them
That's a mature stance and I applaud your discussion skills.


File: 1505180975554.gif (864.48 KB, 500x500, 1503538739790.gif)


No, I call bait what it is. Bait. Don't get snarky because you can't distiguish between trolling and a legitimate argument based on context clues.

Also, calling someone out with soykaf tier ironic wit is sooo 2010. Lurk moar XD ;) (((YOU)))


I use tor. I delete cookies. I post from different browsers.

how are you going to ID me ?


>stop a lot of samefagging
Samefagging is bannable, and 90% of it is from people (poorly) trying to advertise random soykaf on the website from the same IP

You can also look at posting style pretty easily and determine who is who if they're smart enough to use proxies/tor.

You see way more people crying "samefag" than how much actually occurs on the website.


>For transparency reasons, do you think giving users IDs would be a good idea?


>implying anyone samefags here


no, do not want worst idea I've ever heard





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