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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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Let's use 8chan instead. It's so much better than this little soykafhole, has more than 10 users and most importantly kalyx is not an admin there - I fucking hate this nigger.

Here are some good boards:

The best thing about 8chan is that we can create our own boards. So if we don't like the current mods, we just move over to the next board.


Half, nigger.


8ch is terrible: it, like .jp, has no way to turn off the native extension other than to disable js in the browser.
And as we all know, Mozilla ripped out that feature from Firefox.


.org too has no way to disable the native extension


>Let's use 8chan instead.
Be my guest.


Why don't you use NoScript?


>Let's use 8chan instead.
Why not both, no ones making you stay here numb nuts.


>comes to progressive, non-soykafty board with connections to an anarchist board
>suggests we move to nazichan
>calls one of the admins a kneegrow

b8 harder, honky


Ask not what lainchan can do for you. Ask what you can do for lainchan.


lol same here


8chan /cyber/ is just city pape threads with no real cyberpunk content for the most part.


Enjoy your dead boards on Redditchan. Cripplekike doesn't even run the show there anymore. Mentioning 8chan only makes this place look better by constrast.



And yet some people there seem to be obsessed with the lainchans. It's almost as if some of them are worried that a lainchan on the rise in both userbase and posting quality will eclipse them.



I'm a little out of the loop. What's "redditchan" referring to, this week?


It's usually 8chan, copypaste once said he got the idea of allowing people to make their own boards from reddit while on drugs.

Sometimes people call 8chan boards "/pol/ subreddits" because everything is infested with /pol/luters and they act like they own the whole place.



Ah, ok. That makes sense. And it's rather funny, given how people on 8ch often try to shut down debate opponents by accusing them of being reddit users.


they are on infinite levels of ironic



Ah, so that's what their "infinity" motif is from.


8ch does have their /leftypol/ sub, which is infinitely more tolerable than the /pol/'s on other chans.

but yeah the whole place is generally filled with /pol/ soykaf.



I always thought of /leftypol/ as their containment board, their equivalent of /r/the_donald. Their admins and mods can point to it and say "see? we're pro-free-speech, we're not chock-full of $stereotypicaluser, honest", despite the rest of the site being filled with exactly that.


8chan is garbage. I like the idea of people being able to move from board to board but the community there is absolutely terrible and the sites owned by known data miner jim watkins. Seriously , the contents low quality and the site breaks down on a regular basis. There's a better way honestly.


>there's a better way.
Name it.


wiping the servers and splitting into a new community with the same name.

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