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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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>no repo link anywhere

FOSS or no deal


If this is a fork of vichan, their license forbids removing the copyright notice with the link from the bottom of the pages.



Give us the fucking code.




File: 1492514750303.png (17.16 KB, 1000x410, GitHub_Logo.png)

The fork was just started yesterday. Changes to live have not yet been backported, but we expect to in the next few days. We will be moving LibreJS soon afterwards. The header and footer have been updated accordingly.


>All copyright notices and permission notices (including this file) shall be included and remain unedited in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. This explicitly includes but is not limited to the vichan copyright notices found in the footers of some template files.
You have to restore the original thing. Sadly the "built on" thing is not enough.


I think they might have made their own templates/themes/whatever, which'd make it allowed to not have the footer in there


No it wouldn't. Whether they made the theme or not, this is still using a "substantial portion" of vichan.


I've noticed the [.code] tags don't cancel out the other formatting symbols. This completly destroys anything you write in C. With a repo link I'll fix it myself, otherwise please be aware that this is a fairly annoying issue.


It's linked at the top and the bottom:


They're using
on live. The vichan software uses
$config['markup'][] = array( );
to replace markup strings with appropriate formatting. They'd have to implement a different solution for adding formatting that is sensitive to the code blocks.


Some improvements have been made to syntax highlighting; code blocks should prevent other tags from taking effect now. Inline monospace (with the
tag) does not use highlighting

Also, note that highlight.js has pretty bad heuristics for detecting which language is being used. I recommend specifying your language - using
[code python]...[/code]
, for example - if you give a damn.


for anybody stumbling into this thread and noticing that link's dead:

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