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I've been thinking a lot about brain-computer interfaces ever since Elon Musk started backing Neuralink, but I wonder if the technology is actually viable? I mean if the idea is to keep up with AI, wouldn't AI alone still be inherently faster than AI + human? At that point we would be the bandwidth bottleneck. I think BCI is cool, but even so I just don't see how we could possibly compete.


I think full blown BCI is a pipe-dream at this stage but I see a lot of useful fruit that can fall out from shaking that tree; more advanced limb prosthesis is something more primitive that I can see greatly advancing and I'd appreciate it if they hurry the fuark up; my knees+ankles probably only have another 5-10yrs left on them and for various reasons the normal rebuilds aren't a good option.

I mean, having a horrible 'accident' involving a double amputation isn't a 'good option' either but damnit I WANT MY CYBORG LEGS.


File: 1497381111553.jpg (321.39 KB, 1280x631, tumblr_oohb5f7zah1qgm6fno1….jpg)

your question is about Humans being able to keep up with A.I. and i think your right, we couldent compete. Also a halfway clever A.I. would find a way to use this to increase processing power.

As much as i want BIC to be a new life norm, i also see where this could go way wrong.

Has any one seen h+ the series on youtube? i never watched the whole thing but in the first 5 minutes some one realeses a virus over the global "brain network" (for lack of a better term) makeing millions of people brain dead.

This is a real danger of humans on a network, what do we do when people get cute with this tech and start to hurt eachother with it? i.e. cryptowall for the brain.

We (the normal user) dont even know exactly how this tech works, what if corparations can makeyou vote, buy or feel the way they might want you to? would we even know?

thought control, and compliance are both a HUGE risk to me.

tl;dr :: nerolink is the last step to 1984's thought police.


i don't mind the idea of BCI per se. I mind the idea of BCI right now, what with the current state of the internet and computers.


This is much better than what i said, maybe one day the Internet of things (and soon the Internet of beings) is made ultimately secure, but as computer users we all know there is no such thing as an "unhackable" system. Every thing can be built can also be broken, and thus broken into.


hell, it's not even the hacking I'm worried about. It's the legal and widespread corporate and state control. They don't need to be sneaky about it, because they're in charge.


The problem your ignoring is that the brain is not the mind, information is processed from the brain to the mind and vis versa but this happens indirectly though a medium between the mind and brain, because physical information(electrical energy) in the brain needs to be turned into mental information(memory, feelings, sensations, thoughts) before it can enter the mind.

So what we need is not brain computer interfaces because that would be inefficient since the computer is forced to talk to the mind through a imperfect middle man i.e the human brain but a computer that replaces the imperfect brain and can better interface with the mind itself.

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