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hello, lain. i like to recycle my old hardware but i'm running out of things to do with my old machines. i have plenty of servers and the like. at the moment, i'm trying to decide what to do with an ipad 3, a nexus 9 with a cracked (but usable) screen, and an old gateway mx7525 laptop that makes a terrible whining noise when the fans kick on.

i thought maybe i could host an onion site for a while on the old gateway. i can lock it away in a back room and let it run until it dies but i'm not sure what i'd host. it'd be a good way to learn how to host onions, though.

as for the ipad and nexus tablet, i'm at a loss to figure out what to do with them. i'd like to use as much free software as possible, which i understand will be near impossible on the ipad. i've already got a pirate box laying around, too.

i am considering using one of them as a dedicated e-book reader but i don't like staring at the light. security applications would be fun as well.

any ideas for what i could do with these items? what are you doing with your recycled hardware?


Use your tablets as control panels for home automation control and info display.
Doesn't matter if they run proprietary software when the system is airgapped.

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