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Hello, Lains! What wearable tech do you use throughout your daily life? Some might argue that wearable tech is a minor form of augmentation. Everything from smartwatches to the Sensebridge Northpaw are welcome here.

I own a model of the original Pebble smartwatch, with a watchband I paracorded myself. The attached picture is a random one I found on the internet, however (mine is black and olive-green). I created a watchface that read "FUCK YOU" in large, block letters and told me the time/date/weather in a small status bar beneath. I also set it up to vibrate at set intervals of five/ten/fifteen minutes in order to better tune my sense of passing time.

The Northpaw is an anklet that vibrates in relation to which way the wearer is facing.

>"A North Paw is an anklet that tells the wearer which way is North. The anklet holds eight cellphone vibrator motors around your ankle. A control unit senses magnetic north and turns on and off the motors. At any given time only one motor is on and this motor is the closest to North. The skin senses the vibration, and the wearer’s brain learns to associate the vibration with direction, giving the wearer an intuitive sense of which way is North. "


That ankle thing looks really silly when you can just buy a nice compass that would fit in your pocket. That product seems like it was made for a highly specific type of user. Where did you find this at? Also who would this even be made for?


The technology will get smaller in time. I get the feeling it's more proof-of-concept at the moment, though they do sell DIY kits so you can make your own. Lepht Anonym talked about creating an implanted version of it called the South Paw, which is the logical extreme the concept can be taken to.

I found it by googling "North Paw," by the way. It was literally the first result that showed up.


I didn't mean how do you find it. I'm asking how did you even stumble across the product in the first place. Were you just googling random phrases?


Its awesome tbh, a smaller one would be great but I love the look of this one.

knowing north all the time would make my life a lot easier when moving round,

imagine if you could connect to it and use it with navigation software.


Like I said, Lephy Anonym talked about creating an implantable version of it called the South Paw in a video of the 27th Chaos Communication Congress, so I got curious and decided to Google what the original was.

Look it up on Youtube if you want to see the whole thing (it's split up into three parts). I uploaded a condensed version of it to the "BIOHACKING/GRINDING GENERAL" thread I posted a little bit ago, but it doesn't contain the specific mention of the Northpaw.


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This, I saw it on massdrop one day and liked the color scheme.


Never found the use of a wearable to very convenient. With my phone on me at all times, to have a other device just to control and view the basics seems very tedious. I could imagine getting one once technology allows them to be act on its own, without a phone only needed to link when it comes to texting, phone calls, etc.


I use a Casio F-91W but I have opened it up to put a small NFC chip capable of doing NDEF (storing soykaf for android, basically). I'm using it for my phone number right now, but not much else. Thinking of ideas that I could use it for.


Just a $50 casio solar runner's watch. Not hackable, not homemade, not cool. But it's a totally standalone zero maintenance gadget. No apps, no bluetooth, no online accounts or step tracking or any nonsense. It tells time and counts down and counts up, and I never need to charge it because six hours in the sun keeps it running for a year. I literally never need to think about it. I love that thing.


EMPs near you silently
so watcha gonna do now, big boy?


Not that anon but…

Literally nothing because minute-level precision of time is mostly useful to interact with societal constructs or for industrial processes. Survivalism doesn't have time to waste (heh) with such timing constraints.

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