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Does anyone else experience an uncanny sense of immediately knowing whether or not you will be able to finish typing an entire word with one hand or not (this happens with both my left and right hands) as soon as you start typing it, even on the first or second typed character? This happens with even moderately long words. I know this is a kind of weirdly peculiar phenomenon, but I couldn't think of a better website on which to ask.


Muscle memory.


>Muscle memory.
It just happened with the word 'swag' which I have probably never typed in my entire life. I think that invalidates the theory of muscle memory?


well, hypothetically you know how it feels to type any letter on the keyboard, so hypothetically you've typed all the parts of swag (and anyotherword).

evidently we remember how to type words we've never typed before, you can type gibberish pretty well if you know what letter s are involved.

as such, it seems like probably its just the same mechanism that tells you how to type when you're using both hands, which is probably muscle memory.

also, as swag is a one hand word in qwerty, are you an an alt layout?


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I have this too. I'm not a touch-typer, though, or however it's called.


terse is a word I like for this, and over time I've discovered a few words that I can type with just one hand (most often the left) on qwerty. It's kind of fun and I like such words, no reason.
It's harder in dvorak though, because it is designed for one to switch hands while typing. Actually, so far I've only found one word that I can type with one hand in dvorak, but I can't seem to remember what it was.
But such words are few and far in between, even in qwerty.


Yes, of course. It's like when you walk and you know with which foot you are going to step on the first step of the stairs.

There a LOT of obscure processes that your mind does. By far most of what you do actually. Your mind just makes a good job at making it all seem on purpose by building a conscious experience in which you choose the words you say, while actually they are just said for you as you think about what to say.

That's at least my take on it, that one is like an orchestra director. When you practice something (typing, singing, playing an instrument, painting) you are just consciously guiding another neural network that will take care of it for you later. You just teach it how to do it.

You never think where you are going to step next when you walk. You just let yourself go, and there is someone else putting your feet between you and the Earth.
Your personal, built-in, low-level slave.

no, it's not that, that's another thing
Knowing how to move your fingers to type is, but knowing which sequence of fingering to activate is another thing.

Typing the same words of course creates some sort of MM, but as >>1338 said, it's another thing all together

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