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Kalyx ######

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So how courageous do you think they're going to be?


Perhaps they're going to take the next step and remove all ports on their laptops.


Maybe they're finally going to remove all those icky non-letter keys. Better yet, remove all keys in favour of a touch screen Obviously I'm joking, but I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they try replacing the keyboard with a second screen.



>announcing the new one-key keyboard – computing never was more simple

I half-joke, but look at the touch bar.


Is it wrong for me to say that I could actualy see them doing this?


>Two new iphones (one without a physical home button kek)
>Charging mat
>Another watch
>Facial recognition software (the first step on the road to INGSOC)
>Better camera

Welp, that's what we have folks.


I definitely thought the lighting features with regards to the camera stood out the most, not a whole lot otherwise. I wonder how long they can ride on what Jobs built, but at the same time I really wish we had more figures like him emerge from the monstrosity that is the tech industry now. Why aren't there as many recognizable names as there used to be?


>the first step on the road to INGSOC
>the first
We took that step a long time ago.

sage because low quality bait thread.


courageous enough to wipe themselves off the wired

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