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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1505325990757-0.png (257.24 KB, 558x309, Screenshot_mtr_somafm.com_….png)

File: 1505325990757-1.png (138.11 KB, 563x169, Screenshot_mtr_google.com_….png)

File: 1505325990757-2.png (284.34 KB, 571x399, Screenshot_mtr_microsoft.c….png)

File: 1505325990757-3.png (161.09 KB, 567x256, Screenshot_mtr_update.micr….png)


Satellite provider claims all the data consumption (it's capped, btw) is because "someone is using your credentials." Yeah, right.

This is what my mtr logs look like.

Am considering the idea of removing my grayish-white hat and putting on something darker for a brief campaign of "let's fix the routers ourselves."


Why are you on satellite, anon?

I don't really know what your screencaps mean, but I'm very interested. I'd love it (and I'm sure some others would too) if you could explain what's going on there, and what you might be planning.

Stay safe!


Cable providers don't run service out here, and it's also a 3/4G black zone. I'm pretty much stuck with this option.

`mtr` runs a traceroute through each node of a specific route (e.g.: in img 1), running a ping to each node as time goes on. The statistics are cumulative, so you can see how the network traffic is shaped over time.

Problem nodes on the route are marked in bold, albeit for a temporary period of time, unless the packet loss persists. In the case of image 1 there are 3 problematic routers within the provider's network, 2 of which are more than the third.

If you want to learn more about `mtr` I suggest you read its `man` pages. It's a wonderful diagnostic tool.


40~50% packet loss, wtf. That's just pathetic. They should get over their incompetence and fix their soykaf.


So I discovered that disabling IPv6 support in the modem decreased all this insane packet loss, bringing it down to a tolerable 3%-5% packet loss throughout the route to (Google DNS cache servers).

So I implemented Social Media Support Takeover (codenamed 'CoupJihad'), where I follow their support stream on Twitter and every case that looks like my solution would apply, I sent them the solution (as well as a link to my ko-fi account if it works and the end-user wants to give me a $2 tip for helping them).

My ISP gets irate, starts sending me DMs, though "politely" requesting I stop doing what I'm doing. Dialogue is below:

- HughesNet: Good morning, I was wondering if you had been to our community?

- AskHughes: We appreciate your help and would love to have your input at our community but we would like you to refrain from responding on our twitter feed. Thank you.

- REALHughesNetSupport: …Because your #1 issue gets resolved with one tickbox?

- REALHughesNetSupport: …Because your inrasctructure needs upgrading and your support staff tells customers misleading info?

- AskHughes: no, because we would like to have our message be from us. If you would like to help our community is the perfect place for that

- REALHughesNetSupport: An honesty campain is an honesty campaign. I'm reducing your workload, and you're agressing me.

- AskHughes: no i am not agressing you. I am requesting that you let us do our work, and if you would like to contribute we would appreciate it if you would contribute at our community which we would love to have your input there

- REALHughesNetSupport
I'm committing no illegal acts – I'm supporting user community. Many people don't bother with BB systems. Get with the times.

- REALHughesNetSupport: Users hearing "go to our support forum" switch off. Check your numbers.

- AskHughes: We understand what you are saying but we are trying to help, if you look at the history of our messages almost everyone asks the user to come to a direct message, our community or phone us so we can help them

- REALHughesNetSupport: I am _helping your company_ and you're not listening to my advice nor appreciating the objective of my campaign. Upgrade your core routers

- AskHughes: As we stated yesterday we have escalated your information to our engineers

- REALHughesNetSupport: If 80% of their problems is to disable IPv6 support in their modems then what point is it to get their account info, send them to a BB, and all this other nonsense.

- AskHughes: and we will be following up with them daily to see where they are at and we will update you when we have something from them

- REALHughesNetSupport: I've worked for an ISP. I fixed without ticketing systems.

- AskHughes: each company has their own way of processing requests

- REALHughesNetSupport: My problem affects your entire network and will reduce your turnover rates because users will be more satisfied. Lambasting me for helping people via Twitter is not good PR, even in DM

- AskHughes: we are not lambasting you, we have been nothing but kind and patient, and will continue to be so. we are simply requesting that you allow us on our channel to assist our customers and if you want to contribute we ask, kindly, that you contribute at our community.

- REALHughesNetSupport: As a principal business owner I know well enough to listen to the admonishment of one that has the professional experience. This conversation is reaching a demeaning tone. I'll discontinue helping your customers however realizing that this "request" of my support technique IN HELPING YOUR COMPANY'S turnover rate is in poor taste | tactic. You should be encouraging me. I'll halt my campaign however you should consider adopting my solution as a first-step tier2 solution.

- AskHughes: if we have offended you that is not our intention, and if we have we apologize, again we are not trying to in any way be mean, or condescending, we appreciate your input and value it. That is why we have escalated it to our engineers as soon as we got the information. We try very hard not to offend anyone and be supportive and helpful. If we have failed in doing that with you we again apologize. Thank you again for your input and we hope to continue to hear from you

- REALHughesNetSupport: Oh, you will. I can see your network from the inside. Remember that.


I've always wondered why the workers at customer support gets so defensive when other people answer their customers' issues. Is it in their contract? Do they just feel pressure from management?



…But they were trying sooooo hard_ not to be aggressive about it.

I almost feel bad for them. Almost.



Because it shows the world what useless wastes of space they are.

If one random customer does a better job than the "official" support, how does that make them look? They can't have that.


>a brief campaign of "let's fix the routers ourselves."

It's not hacking, it's just unauthorized pro-bono sysadmin!


How's the satellite network? I always think a emergency backup satellite link sounds cool, and considering it's possible for my government to "pull the plug" (like what Egypt did) in the future, it may be actually useful. I know its high latency and expensive traffic, and I tried to look for information at one time, but what I found was worse than I thought: the speed was not even 256 Kbps, with extremely low traffic cap, it looked completely useless besides sending emails and talking on IRC.

I've never seen a satellite connection in my life. How much do you pay for the connection and modem, and what is the bandwidth? What about signal coverage?

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