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Kalyx ######

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Ever noticed the regularity of the search term consciousness. I believe it's beacuse of the occurrence of autumn and the spiritual things that come with it but I wouldn't really know. What are other interesting patterns that you noticed and were fascinated by? (for a more pseudo-sciency discussion on this I made another topic in /psy/ I hope this is ok).


Benford's law/Zipf's law/Pareto Principle
Proof that inequality is the natural state of things.
Commies BTFO


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>neurosuggesting that natural == good.
>neurosuggesting one should behave as nature's underling, even if it goes against their interests.


I think it's ironic that the followers of a thinker so cerebral and insightful as Stirner are all incapable of communicating in full sentences.


I think its because of school


why many word when few word do trick B)

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