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Hello alice,
I'm a university student now, and I have to use Windows 10 for school after using Linux (floated between flavors) for a few years now.

I absolutely am not a fan of Windows anymore, so any tips on making more like Linux/rip out the spyware so I don't feel dirty when Microsoft shows me local ads?


There's countless scripts and tools that claim to remove or minimize Microsoft's telemetry, but frankly, there's no way to be completely sure that they're working as promised. Realistically, you have a few options, all with various kinds of drawbacks.

1. Use a tool that claims to kill telemetry, and live with the uncertainty.

2. Air-gap Windows.

3. Dual-boot.

4. Use Windows in a VM on a Linux host.

5. Use Linux in a VM on a Windows host, and hope that the host isn't snooping.

6. Have two machines, one Linux for personal stuff, one Windows for class work.

This is really something you need to decide for yourself, alas.


run windows in a vm.
don't enter any personal information.

you can also route all traffic thorugh TOR.


Check the catalog, there is a thread on something called Windows 10 AME.
It's is supposed to have the privacy situation taken care of entirely, but is based on an older release on Windows 10 from 2015. They claim that it has security updates installed though.


> Dual-boot.
> different machines



Be careful with this. This ISO is an interesting project but it most be use with extreme caution. I wouldn't trust them with anything less than Microsoft itself.

This probably your best bet.


Drop out and go to a better school


Just use the computers in your Uni's library and everything will be fine. I did this my entire Uni. I used autist linux with nearly no packages for my everyday use and anytime I had to do assignments with windows or javascript I would use their library computers. It honestly really helped with concentration to have to physically go to a place to work on stuff instead of just having it on my computer at home.

If your uni doesnt have computer labs available it is soykaf tier alice.


>I have to use Windows
That's very vague. Tell us what exactly you need it for so we can help you better.
e.g. a lot of stuff runs perfectly fine in WINE without having to use soykafblows


at the same time a lot of people actually have to use windows. on machines for work, uni, you name it.

give op the benefit of the doubt.


I think Alice wanted to help but is asking OP to be more specific.



I recommend you check out the project in this >>1412 thread. The website has the latest verson available for download.


I had to use "lockdown browser" by respondus once for a course to take exams on. Wouldn't run on wine or a vm and was forced to dual-boot windows. For proprietary software it was a surprising level of awfulness.


I know this thread is old, but you could try Windows 10 LTSB. It's a Buisness-oriented branch (so no consumer keys are sold, you'll have to crack it) that is factory-debloated: No MS Edge, Cortana, Store, Candy Crush preinstalled and so on. I have used it for about a year for vidya and it works like a charm.


LTSB/LTSC still contains Cortana (renamed as "Search") as well as smartscreen which you cannot turn off or remove from within windows. Smartscreen in specific, sends telemetry back to microsoft on all devices you plug into your computer. And Smartscreen is just one thing, there are plenty of other telemetry items still in LTSB/LTSC.

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