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/g/ is making a decentralized internet project. thoughts?

mark your location on the map if interested:

irc (SSL): #gternet
pastebin: https://paste(.)ee/p/0AQU4
last thread: >>63526080 →

What is /g/ternet?
/g/ternet would be our own decentralized p2p network running on our own infrastructure, powered by something like ipfs.
Similar things have already been done:

This project is less than 24 hours old, so we need all the expertise and help we can get.
Every contribution is valuable!
Gather a group of friends and join the irc.

To do:
- establish proper communication channels
- decide on standards for software and hardware
- set up a wiki on installgentoo
- create resources for newbies
- gather more people
- start building something in the Houston & Austin area


I wouldn't take part in anything that's tagged with /g/, like the /g/entoomen library which, well, it sucks.
The community is soykaf (with zero redeeming qualities whatsoever), and they have already tried to start some projects (their own web browser, TempleOS distribution, to name a couple) which are obviously beyond their capabilities (they are known for discussing headphones, programming fizzbuzz, and getting really sour about other Operating Systems existing at all).
And of course, p2p networks are gaining traction nowadays and there are much more interesting projects. Oh look, they're piggybacking on ipfs, how surprising.
In their defense, they've been able to make Tox work, as well as and few other projects. However, I repeat, their community is absolute soykaf and I wouldn't want to have anything at all to do with them.


Historically, more of /g/s projects have failed than succeeded, each having a delightful logo made for it before ultimately being forgotten. Remember that browser they were going to make? is basically an individual project, run by Vincent and his gf (they're both frequently on the /g/cyb irc), so I wouldn't bother counting that. I expect people to participate in this for a month or so out of panic, and then stop when they realize that the loss of net neutrality isn't going to bring a sudden, cataclysmic break with the past, just an acceleration of the transformation of the internet into one giant video on demand service with social features.


>been able to make Tox work
Yes, make it work, not make it secure.
Apparently the code is a vulnerable mess that nobody understands:
(zx2c4 is the developer of the "pass" password manager)




I was initially somewhat excited by the project, but it turns out that like nearly every other project on /g/, it's just a load of soykaf.

I'd like to see a project that legitimately builds new comms infrastructure, on intra- and inter-city levels.


The only thing /g/ ever produced was the wallpapers for "Clover OS".


the reimu ones are quality


There's already a zeronet imageboard that's dead.


When will people learn that anon websites are not good for organizing any kind of project?

It will fail like all other attempts


what does "soykaf" mean
see this term thrown around allot and cant grasp the meaning beyond something too ambiguous


it's a Portmanteau of "soy" and "caffiene" (shortened to "kaf") I think it started on this site because the only food we can afford is soy-based with some cheap coffee.

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