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New to linux and vim, and already love the idea of using vim's syntax for controlling my programs. I would like to use it as an IDE, speficially for C/C++ and Python. There's so many ways to do it, with plugins I just want what's best.

Any tutorials on the best way to make vim an IDE?


Check out Luke Smith's video walkthrough on this very subject, alice


I'm just learning to program, so I wouldn't know if it's the best way, but I configured my vim for Python according to this guide here:
I'm still having a little trouble with the auto-indentation, but besides that it's working great as far as my capacities can judge.


I've used the same guide to configure vim and it's working good so far.

For other languages I usually look up a 'styleguide' on how to write the code and then edit my config according to that, vim is a lot of fun and I should have used it a lot sooner, I'm glad you're starting with it

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