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does anyone have experience moving their Windows 7 system onto another drive? it's going from a partition on my HITACHI 465GB HDD connected through SATA to my 232GB Samsung SSD mounted on my laptop's SATA caddy.
does booting onto Linux and using dd to clone the partition seem like a sufficient way to migrate my OS like the following link?
what could potentially go wrong?


bumping for /all/


yes, and it can be an absolute bastard… or it could go off without a hitch. if it were me, i'd re-install. windows really doesn't like it when you swap out hardware underneath it.

otherwise the dd method is fine. if you want something more idiot-proof, try a clonezilla image. it's basically formatting/imaging tools wrapped with some autoconfig scripts and packaged as a minimal distro.


also worth mentioning that it will almost certainly take longer to clone and deal with any potential issues that come up than it would to just do a clean install on the ssd and copy over your document directories or whatever. in my experience windows benefits from a fresh install every couple years anyway.

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