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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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We have an official Matrix room that hasn't really been advertised enough, plz join.
Also, don't register your Matrix account on since it has problems with presence updates (too much traffic), use or


You can download the desktop client here:
There's a good non-Electron client here too: but it's still a work in progress


Banter city says it's private and disroot says you need to make an account for the whole site but I only want the Matrix. Are there any alternatives?


That's weird, I've never heard anyone having problems with the server. That said, there's also and


seph please make an unecrypted room encryption is sucky on public rooms


Banter City registrations are actually publicly available through and is as private as is. Also, privately hosted just means that it's run by a single person or entity, not that you can't join it.


When is it usually active?


>seph please make an unecrypted room encryption is sucky on public rooms
What is the point of using a program explicitly designed to use an encrypted protocol then? Just use the IRC channel.


File: 1519926341019.jpg (91.37 KB, 722x902, image-18.jpg)

More features and more normal-friendly. You might not care for them, and that's fine, just use an IRC-like client. But the more the network grows the better it is for everyone.

Also, we're still here and it's a little more active so come check out the channel.


we're still here please come visit!


Will do!


I still don't get why every soykin advertises this Matrix protocol for everyone. What actual differences between Matrix and XMPP are apart from 10 times more resource-hungry server software and running a bug-ridden web browser as a client? For what you ex-discorders like to use Matrix as I can see, XMPP works just fine, and yes the obvious advantages over 30 year-old IRC protocol are present too: chatroom history, asynchronous file transfer and federation.


We already have Telegram,Discord,IRC and probably bunch of other chat rooms as well, I really don't think there is a need for more splitting.
pls discuss things on the board ?


matrix can bridge well with all of these

man why do people like to complain about everything


What a cute post!


Not everything new is also better.

The matrix protocol is inherently flawed because it's based on HTTP. The "everything-over-HTTP" meme needs to die, it's bad enough that Firefucks now does DNS resolution over it.


It me wish for a mass migration to XMPP or some other unified protocol. There are so many chat applications that it's not unlikely to use one for conversation with a single person; if it weren't so idealistic I would be pushing for it, but we'd just end up with more protocols to divide ourselves with.

I've had some minimalist wishes with HTTP, too - browsing is becoming infinitely more tedious as the actual content gets cluttered with unnecessary widgets and ads (not to mention CSS and JavaScript being mandatory).

 No.2562 is shutting down, what's a good alternative?


Threads room is dead. But, is up.



Is it down ? Server has no ports open, its resolving to

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