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Kalyx ######

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Does Alice love Free Software? Are there any Free Software that she especially loves?


The open-source kind of free software.

Firefox, Linux, GIMP, Apache. Just to name a few examples.

• Everybody can help develop your application
• Everybody can check your code
• You don't like it? Fork it!
• The code of one project might tremendously help another one

Open source is the future, the only thing stopping it is greed.


I like my emacs a lot, along with Calibre and zathura. mpv and mpd are a lot of fun too.


Musescore is essential for me as a classical musician. Generally GNU/Linux, some FOSS games like Wesnoth are also pretty cool.


I really like SuperTuxCart despite its simplicity. I wish it had networked multiplayer.


Yes. In fact I'm an FSFE fellow (or supporter as it's now called). I'm most excited about NixOS right now as it's by far the most unique operating systems I've had the pleasure of using. Declarative package management, lack of global state and full rollback ability are some of its highlights. Regular distributions just feel "messy" in comparison after a while.

Then there's Docker which nicely accompanies NixOS for deploying applications on it. All nice and containerized, usually proxied through nginx.



I like Open Source software. The idea of Free Software is really great, but it way to "paranoid" for me. I support it nonetheless.

I don't have particular software that i enjoy, but i excited for a software so popular that could beat Discord, Skype etc.


>The idea of Free Software is really great, but it way to "paranoid" for me.
What makes it seem paranoid? Free licenses like the GPL-3.0 simply ensure that the software cannot be used to take away someones digital freedom.



I might not have been specific enough. The license is totally fine with it. Like i said i support it. I have a problem with the way they try to spread the idea.


emacs, cowsay, pure data, and GIMP to name a few
also started using kodi recently which is great


File: 1519156722989.png (1.81 MB, 1429x1417, nothankyouhearts.png)

Currently trying to produce a whole album using only lmms and audacity. It's certainly worse in some aspects to the non-free alternatives I'm used to (logic and ableton mainly), but I was actually surprised as to how good these programs are even without the huge resources of apple for example.
I don't think I could produce a highly polished pop song on there, but it works fine for slightly more lo-fi cyberpunk.


in your lexicon is paranoia synonymous with a person who would like big companies to not spy on him or sell his data ?


It most probably is.



Have you tried ardour? I've found it to be better than lmms for mixing and recording.


Have you tried GuixSD?


I did! Unfortunately didn't turn out so well since I had various problems which weren't there with NixOS. Things might've improved since then. Then there's the fact that I barely knew any Scheme back then. Both NixOS and GuixSD are pretty niche distros and I really hope they'll take off some day. Even more so for GuixSD since it's fully free.


File: 1538419602427.jpeg (126.35 KB, 1136x852, serveimage.jpeg)

We're a couple days late but let's wish a happy 35th birthday GNU! There are so many GNU projects I keep discovering new cool ones. It's such a great project. Big ups to everyone involved in this.

♥ GNU ♥


I don't love free software. It's just tools.



You're wrong to say there just tool they are a philosophy.


/ | ||
* /\—/\

…"Have you mooed today?"…


A philosophy built of/around tools? That must be rather simplistic, and bloody pragmatic. I wouldn't even call such a thing philosophy, maybe someone's "2 cents" at best.

bash: cowsay: command not found
fighting bloat



No, It's not build around the tools. It's the idea these tools (what ever they can be) can give us. It's still indeed pragmatic in some sense.

I recommend you to read about it on their website they explain everything. I'm pretty sure you won't like it.


Wowzers, imagine being this far up your own ass


Enjoy being bulldozed by the corp, boyo


the entire GNU C toolchain. it just strikes me as an amazing achievement to maintain a collection of projects of that complexity out in the open for so long.

also Emacs.


Yes, I also used to be a member of the FSFE and visited talks about free software.

my favorites are my daily drivers: thunderbird & firefox, vim, gcc etc etc.


what do you compile ?


File: 1539122573283.gif (146.32 KB, 200x200, .gif)

I love free software. I especially love linux.


dwm + dmenu is amazing.

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