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Kalyx ######

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I've spent the last 10 years of my life building cool soykaf for other people, and I'm sick of it. I want to start a web/software/app development studio with any and every Alice that cares to join me. Contribute however you'd like. I'll share a contact email at the bottom of this post.

A little about me:
- Active developer for 10+ years, using languages: C, Ruby, Python, Golang, JS
- DevOps guy for a few years (Linux only)
- Working a lot on the web lately using React/Node, usually a Rails API backend.
- Got a few security certs forever ago, but really only use that knowledge to crack networks when I need free wifi, and write the occasional exploit PoC.

Let's go all commie on this. Let's pump out some SaaS products, Apps, whatever, and split the pot with everyone. Sounds fun to me. Hit me up.


>active developer for 10+ years
>posts on larping message board for edgy firstworlder highchoolers
>Rails API
>use that knowledge to crack networks when I need free wifi


There was an attempt a couple months ago but I don't remember it going anywhere (Or maybe I was out of the loop). In my personal experience once one of these anonymous online startup things gets rolling there's no stopping it.

You're wrong.
I'm a larping young adult.


I'm definitely down for some random coding with Alice. Let's see if this actually gets anywhere.

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