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Does Alice know any interesting methods to get RNG?
I have been really interested in experimenting with RNG based on different types of input like a live cam or microphone and taking that to generate randomness, has something like it been done before?


While by no means a prng expert, I can point you to a few places you might find interesting:


If you want to learn about rng, I would point here first. Really impressive libre true random number generator. Impressive at least to someone like me who knows little about it. One day I plan to really disect this project; I just have so much to learn.


Something more of a reference to rng-related topics rather than a learning resource. Still though, you may find it interesting.


A wikipedia page on what I know is one method of generating pseudo random numbers.

Sorry I don't know more about rng, I find it a really really interesting topic despite not knowing a lot about it. Please update the thread with other resources / sites you find!



Whoops, word filter mangled my url


You can buy 30USD geiger counters that stream byte flows on AliExpress, I use a modified version of one for my random numbers, it works surprisingly well. Definitely a fun project to look into if you are seriously interested in true RNG, background radiation is one of the best entropy sources.


you can use those cheap chiner RTL-SDR dongles to generate random numbers from air static

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