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Are there any cases in the world where quadrotors are actually used? Shouldnt Amazon at least have started experimenting with drone deliveries in some city or observed occurances of criminal organizations making extensive use of drones for covert transport?


They are used a lot for filming and taking photos.


As for the covert transport, I remember a number of articles where prisons complain about all the illegal drone deliveries that happen these days, so I guess that's a thing.

In india they use drones to plant trees. Also Agriculture in general is a big customer, they can measure water levels on the field for example and see exactly where they need to water more instead of spraying the whole field like they had to so before.

Quad racing is great.

They are used for Art too (see the last olympic opening for example).

Biologists and Archaeologists use them for observation of all kinds of things all the time.

I see / read about drones all the time not sure how you have missed all this. There is so much stuff happening.

The problem with serious delivery drones is that these things need to carry some weight so they are big and loud while they need to fly freely above cities. Authorities aren't too happy about this and a lot of regulation happens, so it's not happening very quickly. Anywhere else they are a great tool and used in many ways.


Prisons often use drones to smuggle drugs these days ctfu


Train yards in the US have started using them for observation of their operations and presumably, security. Just an extension of the towers they already have.

I wonder if they are used in sports broadcasts, for following long distance races or just getting a more perfect camera angle that can't otherwise be reached.

I want to see a webseries like Robot Wars only in the air.

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