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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1523722472589.png (74.37 KB, 827x595, PyBitmessage.png)


Bitmessage is a distributed messaging system that uses proof of work to mitigate spam. Messages are published to a rolling blockchain which drops old messages after a set amount of time. Chans are shared addresses which participants listen to and send with so that they are anonymous. Join the "lain" chan (no quotes).


I think it needs the chan's address


File: 1523977481016.png (65.94 KB, 473x444, Screenshot from 2018-04-17….png)

The address is optional because it's derived from the name. If you want the address anyways, it's BM-2cUipXEtYYAXFMxiXrywhUjhD9L9f1ot9J


Look like really interesting how useful it is in practice?


Not very useful because not many people use it.


story of every Free chat service ever


Bitmessage is compromised.
Why is it being pushed as of late? No rational person will fall for it.
A simple double-check will nullify the honeypot, which I hope most carry out before installing any software.


>Bitmessage is compromised.
No it's not.




I tried using it. Since I don't have anyone to use it with, I use it for bitboard which does have a spam problem. Basically on every public bitboard messaging site, you have some glitterboy spamming four word sentences and other nonsense to the point no one uses bitboard.


There was a remote code execution vulnerability last year[1] but I think that was plain incompetence. Python is a language designed for people who can't code so it's not really a surprise when people who can't code end up using it.


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