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Kalyx ######

File: 1505552347646.jpg (52.05 KB, 355x480, SEREKOBAURH20A_l.jpg)


eBooks/eBook Readers

Alice! Do you own a eBook reader?

They are great for reading pirated books without the nastiness of a LCD screen.

Personally I use a Kobo H2O

Places I use to get epubs,
#bookz on Undernet.

I use Calibre to manage my eBooks and their formats.

Anyone got any books to recommend?


What fiction or non? Which genre to you prefer?


I got the cheapest kindle from a few years back.
No touchscreen, no background lightning. Never even logged into my wifi, put flight mode on immediately. soykaf is cash.
The battery lasts for almost a whole month and I got space for over a hundred books.


I have a Hanlin V5:
It's small and basic but I love it. I've read so many books that I would have never read otherwise thanks to it, it really improved my life.

I get my books from Library Genesis, I think b-ok is a mirror of it. Another source I use a lot is The Anarchist Library, they have all their texts available as nice epubs. I use Calibre only to convert and transform ebooks, I never liked the way it actually stores the books.

Does any of you know a good way to make epubs from online articles? I tried some online services but they are not that good. The best would be something that could put together a single epub from multiple articles with a functional table of contents that points to the individual articles.


Sun and Steel: Art, Action and Ritual Death (Japanese: 太陽と鉄)


File: 1505630932059.jpg (237.44 KB, 1278x957, hjjJI.jpg)

Decent place for Ebooks, but everyone already probably knows it:

And yes Alice, I agree. E-readers are much more pleasant on the eyes than LCD.


Kobo is king, no drm unlike the swindle


Love my Kobo Aura H20. Crazy-long battery life, charges with standard micro USB, reads un-DRM'd epub, and works like a plain old USB mass storage device.

The only thing I'm not a fan of is that the initial out-of-the-box setup requires creating an account, but at least it's easy to turn off the wifi after that and treat it as a standalone device.


Yeah. Bought a cheap china reader a few days back. It's cool, but I can't really read pdfs in it and most by far of what's out there is in that format. Not only that, some stuff that I read best fit the pdf format than the epub.
On the other hand, it got me back to reading fiction.


Sci FI, I am gobbling it down at the moment, cant get enough of it.

Thats why I went for a high DPI Kobo, the PDF's are readable. I ha a bunch of Technical manuals on mine.


I feel like I'm in a niche market. I want a 10+ inch eink reader that can take math notes (basic drawings, graphs, lots of vector calc.). There's a few in the market but I don't know how their recognition stacks up to say a Lenovo Yogabook. Curious of options others have tried.

Gonna use it for math grad school ideally.


Sony had one that did that, the PRS1 iirc.

Was made for doctors.


i have a kobo auro now. i love that its smaller than the kindle and doesnt have soykafty drm. i too use calibre to manage my books, but mostly grab my books from private trackers out of habit. i wouldnt be reading as much as i do without it, probably wouldnt read at all because i dont really have space for a physical book collection, and doubt id go the library

generally classic literature, though recently scifi and history.

you can skip this if you connect it to your computer and manually edit it's database. i did it, and my kobo works perfectly, no account necessary. though im having trouble getting a dictionary on there and im beginning to want one. i might have to sign up for account for that though.

woah, really? im using a kobo auro and though i havent really tried pdfs (conversion) i just assumed they wouldnt work well.

i too would love something of this nature, but im holding out for color e-ink displays. reading magazines, books, taking notes, drawings, and perhaps even webpages. while the convience of a 6" device is pretty nice, a full 10" would be perfect for all kinds of media a 6" kinda struggles with. if it was running linux underneath, and i could wirelessly sync my notes/webpages in some sort of easily readable format (obviously html files if it were a webpage). if i could attach a keyboard, it pretty much completely replace the need for my current laptop. perhaps in the future it could become a standalone device, but also be used as a monitor for a rpi like board, and be used as a full computer.


Open source OSes to flash eBook Readers with?


>Sci FI, I am gobbling it down at the moment, cant get enough of it.
wow i wish i had something to live for


I think it's a Kindle 3 Keyboard, bought it for $5 at a goodwill, the battery was shot. So I got a $10 battery and it works fine. I did mod it to run a Linux terminal, but didn't really run anything interesting except a inventory program I made in python. I don't use it often, I enjoy reading real books, it can be expensive but to me the experience is worth it.


Anyone wanna cooperatively go through how you'd securely remove your eBook Reader's wireless network card? I don't want mine, in fact I find it rather dystopian to have a networked universal book that connects to networks (or gets hacked) when you're reading out and about and minding your own business.


There was OpenInkpot, but it's discontinued. It could be an interesting project though, I think there's demand for it.


M8 that was many many years ago! There have been these two since then:
as well as this (which I'm not entirely sure how it works): "ebook reader application" - is it like Evince but for ebook readers? Is it an OS?

This is all I could find. May be more out there, I only gave it a quick search. Ocherbook supports my device at least (allegedly, we'll have to wait and see).

Finally I can get my device to anyway.


Get one and flash an alternate reader, its WiFi, not a Baseband modem.


>its WiFi, not a Baseband modem.
So what? You don't think the Fourteen Eyes have software for that as well?
I just want a eInk eBook Reader with a microSD card. Wireless network access is completely unnecessary. Unfortunately they stopped selling devices built like that a couple of years ago it seems and they're now practically impossible to get a hold of in non-ridiculous screen dimensions. Trekstor Pyrus HD was one cool example that is impossible to purchase now. Built on vanilla Linux apparently.
Now we have Kobo with Facebook integration and Kindle with draconian restrictions from the get-go, produced by one of the soykaftiest corporations around. You fucking bet your innocent little ass I won't play their game. I'm gonna remove that WNIC one way or another, with or without you.


And just turn it off. One of the simplest things to do would be drop a 50ohm resister over the antenna output, or just cut the tacks for the antenna. If the antennas SWR is fucked they have to be very very close, there a point where your threat assessment gets a bit over the top.

Just make it stupidly hard to get a signal in the first place. If five eyes want in, they will just arrest you by that point.


File: 1524907329788.jpg (1.31 MB, 1583x1000, ygZoO8f.jpg)

I'm a little confused about your threat model. You seem to want to prevent a nation-state's intelligence service (which has legal jurisdiction where you live) from remotely accessing your ereader at all costs and are terrified of a wifi chipset vulnerability that would allow full remote access to your ereader… yet are perfectly happy to use an ereader that has no full-disk encryption nor a lock screen protected by a password or PIN.

Did you actually think your threat model through, or are you just LARPing?



No need to be aggressive.

First, you CANNOT protect yourself from a state actor. Unless you are some kind of genius, they have money, influences and people. If they want to get in they are going to do it. I totally understand what you want but you have to make reasonable threat model.

As for the Wifi card have you tried to monitored the e-reader without connecting it to the internet just to see the amount of activity in goes through? Also i don't know jack soykaf about wifi card on E-reader but is it possible for it to be integrated into the e-reader? That would make it more difficult to remove it i guess.


Why the fuck isn't there a free software/drm-free based Ereader?


File: 1524952963349.png (66.99 KB, 256x236, 2think.png)

To add on, why is there no ereader with an SD reader?


Best I can do is one with FOSS software on top


File: 1524981660437.jpg (46.36 KB, 650x330, kobomicrosd.jpg)

>To add on, why is there no ereader with an SD reader?
Have you done any research whatsover? Every Kobo currently on the market has a microSD slot. Format card as FAT32, copy un-DRM'd standard epubs to card, stick card in reader, enjoy books.


I use libgen for pirating, as many of you here, but I read them on smartphone.
>Anyone got any books to recommend?
Check youtube channel "Better than food". It's a goldmine. Also the host is a great guy.

Sony PRS 505 has SD slot.


He could've ment the regular old SD, not micro-.


This anon got seriously slid what the fuck.
I'd also want to know the how-tos of removing parts from contemporary mobile hardware. There must be literature for this? If not we could cultivate our own answers to this with accessible design.


I suppose so. Though I'd argue it's a pretty meaningless distinction, as they're pin-compatible. Any microSD card fits a standard SD slot with a cheap adaptor that's typically sold in the same package as the microSD card.




Nobody knows of literature for removing components from mobile computing motherboards? Isn't this basically electronic engineering? Has nobody here had any experience with that subject?


Did the tech people stay at Lainchan while the art students went here?
Also this place is like five times as slow and the content contributed is like 50-70% /feels/.
Why should I stay here if I can't even talk to peers about computer hardware hacking?

Is Arisuchan a failed project? Not even trying to be an asshole, this is just seriously my question right now. I've posted here on and off ever since we voted for the domain name.


It's really looking like it. The feels nonsense just drowns out anything else on the all page.


Everything seems dead expect for the telegram-chat, it's surprisingly active.


Jesus fucking Christ.


File: 1525732399646.jpg (71.92 KB, 533x608, needdick.jpg)

Because there's nothing more cyberpunk than a no-encryption-by-default (and none on non-phone devices) chat system that requires a phone number to sign up for.

I'm done with this LARPing nonsense.


File: 1525734290528.gif (505.93 KB, 500x355, 5b28e50e449812d3c9aa661d69….gif)

If your concern for the state of the site is genuine, why not try and offer constructive feedback on how to improve/promote the community instead of just bitching about it, Alice?


Jumped from one botnet to another


Get a heat gun an remove the chip, Christ.

Do we have to hold you hand?

Yeah, because you fucks are all too trendy to use IRC.



If you want to discuss Arisuchan go on /q/ this doesn't have anything with the subject at hand. Consider this a warning. Less traffic means less answers, It is not because you didn't get an answer instantly that you cannot discuss a subject.


I hear you loud and clear. Bye, Arisuchan.


File: 1526095195147.jpg (221.83 KB, 1980x1333, unnamed (1).jpg)

I used to own a Kindle Paperwhite but the screen broke and the replacement cost just short of a new one. I wasn't too pleased with the PDF performance either.

I then looked for a replacement and found this product called Bookeen Muse.

It has similar features to the Kindle, including native EPUB and DJVU support, backlit E Ink Carta Display - 6", 1024 x 758, 4GB internal memory, extensible via MicroSD up to 32 GB, Wi-Fi.

It's supported by Calibre and I haven't had any major issues since I bought it more than a year ago.

It cost me $139, which I feel is justified.

Video review:


I have a Paperwhite but i think it's pretty underwhelming.
It supports too few formats, many times it doesn't recognize some of them while others it botches everything; mainly ePub. PDF is not perfect either.
I bought over Kobo because the Kindle is more rectangular which i felt would be better for reading but now i don't know if it's true. Too bad i had to buy in a rush.


>It cost me $139, which I feel is justified.

ebook readers are for high lifes with loads of extra money to spare.

# just use your teck-dech. #


I have a Kindle but I own hard copies of books I consider important or influential to me.


i own a kindle voyage because i'm past the age where i'm not willing to pay for content and it's a great reader. the screen is great, battery lasts up to 6 weeks and the automatic backlight adjustment is also great since i'm reading mostly in the dark.


Doesn't the backlight defeat the purpose of the e-ink screen? (I.e., not staring into a glowing surface for long periods.)


Not only you pay for non-free books that can't be shared with friends and family, you also give up your identity profile to a corporation for further resell.
The main advantage of eInk is that it doesn't flicker 60 times per second like LCD screens do.
There is no backlight, it's frontlight, LEDs are spotted in bottom and top of the screen and the eink panel reflects the light.


>Not only you pay for non-free books that can't be shared with friends and family
actually you can setup family links within amazon and share your library with one adult and two children. that said, i don't have to "share" pirated ebooks with anyone since they can download that themselves. as a content creator i despise the "gibmedat"-culture, gloryfied as some robin hood soykaf that it isn't.
>you also give up your identity profile to a corporation for further resell.
great, amazon now knows i like sci-fi books. the botnet got me hard.

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