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Where does everyonee get their tech news?

Any mailing lists or blogs that I should check out? Maybe a site like hacker news or soylent?


I get mine from
You can also use
I prefer reddit, but arsTechnica is much more insightful, and Reddit is simply going to be a collection of links.


Podcasts: Security Now and the Linux Action Show.


don't really keep up with news, but occasional big things from slashdot are usually fine, if you click through the 4 layers of indirection to get to the original site.

people around there kind of weird, but still a better crowd than most related places


I used to use /r/technology but since the upvote system is so over overabused by now, I'm not sure if it's subjective or not.


Voting has made reddit never good for discussion. I think the site is useful only for porn.
Voting kills honesty.



Steve Gibson needs to get on a new network, one with colleagues that would appreciate his good work. TWIT is going downhill fast, and Laporte is incredibly disrespectful towards Gibson.


i wonder if the votting would have been better if everyone was force to be anonyomus



Say what you will about the place, it does function rather well as a news aggregator.


honestly a good question. imo the problem with a lot of social sites is pseudonyms coupled with some mechanism that makes people say things they wouldn't normally say because they know it'll be a crowd pleaser. look at tumblr for a weird example. even before you could 'heart' stuff or whatever, the possibility of getting reblogged encouraged people to reuse the same joke templates, just like on reddit. it's not like imageboards are immune to this problem, but it isn't too bad because you can't build up a following and cash in that sweet popularity.


File: 1494167267035.png (610.66 KB, 780x720, 1492099593646.png)

I usually get my news from a guy named node on YouTube. He talks about what's happening in the world of tech and security as well. Here's a link to his channel if anyone is interested.


my nibba

was coming to see if anyone had any better reccs than this, but not sure if there are any


yeah i was pondering the idea the thing about images anonmity is people tend to say more radical soykaf while named sites make people want to please the masses. i wonder if a site that forced anonimity but you could only post if you had an account



The voat privacy sub ( does exactly this. All posters names are replaced with per-comment random numbers. I don't know if it's something special that's been coded just for the privacy sub, or if it can be enabled by sub owners.


That reminds me of Masterchan and 1chan especially.



if you are looking for any alternatives now the that the Linux Action Show is ending I like Linux Unplugged and the Ubuntu Podcast.


I'd say reddit is good for the links, just bad for comments. If you just treat it as a community curated RSS feed it's good. I feel the similarly about Hacker News


I get my tech news mostly from Hacker News and Reddit, but plenty of soykaf finds its way into my consciousness via other avenues.


I agree, I think he should host it on his own. But I think he won't for now because that would throw TWIT under the bus, given that the rest of the shows are corporate butt licking and innane comments. If he breaks up with Laporte things would end up better off. Why do you think he's been disrespectful?

Thanks, I actually think I'll take the chance to stop listening to it. It goes on too much about the corporate management of the coprorate side of linux, reviewing Gnome's releases and such. I'm not really into that, I heard has a new tech guy so I might try that one.
I do listen to some Linux Unplugged episodes, but not all of them.


If by "news" you mean "depressing tech news" I recommend Level1 News thing that they put out every Tuesday

Lunduke produces something interesting once in a while too.

Rainbow-colored techno-optimism can be had anywhere these days, but discussions of really depressing facts are hard to come by.


Try, it's kinda like reddit or hackernews but I find the content more tech oriented (less business oriented like hackernews is) and the comment section is great. It's less populated so there aren't tons of comments like reddit though.
I really like what they did.


I"ll have to add that to my rotation.

I do kind of like the somewhat business-oriented nature of HN because, practically speaking, tech doesn't exist on its own inside a bubble. It's good to know how the industry is trending.


picking up news from IRC channels I hang out at, imageboards, plebbit, el reg, various "news sites"


> Laporte is incredibly disrespectful towards Gibson.

I don't really get that, I just think he doesn't add much other than filling air while Gibson's drinking coffee. Padre Robert filled in the last couple weeks, and he's actually got things to add about stuff he's tested or servers he's had to harden. Bummed he's not the full time cohost.


hacker news is really abrasive. silicon valley vc insider trade. no real news there, just fads.

i enjoy quite a lot, though it is often free culture-centric. was an interesting evolution of hacker news at one point or another. i haven't visited in a while. lamernews is down and has been for quite some time.

i gave up on rss a while a go but i like to visit the planet sites for projects i enjoy. planet debian, planet lisp, planet gnome, and so forth.

i mostly get my tech news word of mouth.



there is a subscription fee but is comfy.



>silicon valley vc insider trade.

This, sadly, is much of "tech news" these days.



This is a joke right? ars has been known to steal soykaf since the very beginning and now do paid posts without any disclaimers, the staff is known to be part of certain cliques that keep their narrative against any evidence of wrongdoing

And every major subreddit like r/gaming and r/technology has been coopted by marketers and journos, the mods are part of this and some admins as well so good look getting any actual news instead of propaganda

TBH I don't know any blogs or communities that get any decent amount of content/aren't half dead and haven't sucked the corporate cock in some way yet

And don't get me started on journo standards, they are at an all-time low


>hacker news is really abrasive. silicon valley vc insider trade. no real news there, just fads.

It used to, now its a mix of marketers shilling crap apps and inflating dumb fads, bottom-of-the-barrel bloggers spamming the feed for pageviews so they can eat this month, and sjw-types going batsoykaf because a fat bitch with a degree on creative dancing can't be the ceo of google

I don't know if theres "a law of the internet" for this but these days the only way to keep that soykaf I just described away from you is to remain relative obscure and/or unpopular


>while named sites make people want to please the masses

A bit of that but also the fact that online witch hunts have become an accepted course of action against those who attack the establishment so speaking your mind can have some SERIOUS consequences in meatspace hence people prefer to play it safe since you never know if a joke you made months ago will be read by some shazbot on the other side of the planet and get you doxed on buzzfeed


>Rainbow-colored techno-optimism can be had anywhere these days, but discussions of really depressing facts are hard to come by.

Indeed, tho teksyn falls closer to that camp…


lwn is one of the best and only FOSS news sites out there. Worth supporting, wish there were more like it.

it's like 70/30 vc trash to actual tech news, enough good stuff to keep me coming back



Thats actually a good channel, thanks fellow cyborg


Normalfags can't stand it if someone stands out even a little, because everyone has to be on board with mainstream culture in their little minds.

Thank god for barriers of entry. You'll notice how as those increase, the quality of discussion does too.

Depending on the time of day news drops El Reg might post a story earlier than Ars. Though they tend to drip feed stories over the day whereas Ars I can check once a day and that's all they'll have to tomorrow.

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