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Hello Arisu. I wish to share some information with you pertaining to IP sec cameras. During a recently trip to my local Micro Center I noticed security cameras by a company called Wyze. These cameras are called Wyzecam v2. Please do not take this for an attempt to market a product, it truly is not.

This camera does everything a high end camera can do, just about, with a 20-25 dollar price tag. Not only that its fully mod-able with firmware from the openip camera project. Admittedly there are still binary blobs that the open source firmware still requires for booting but people work on the project have a path to remove these blobs and be fully open source.


lmfao I'll just leave this here

low cost makes me think whats their business model makes me think who they send all that footage to.



Basically don't use the default camera software you need to mod it.


For me and like minded individuals, absolutely. Plus the mods enable the user to take advantage of RSTP and SSH along with whatever else you can do to busybox.


Oh, in the interest of helping users move away from using the proprietary software after the mod I connect the camera via RSTP to a LXC based server running From their I host a local site on my home network which is accessible via SSLVPN externally. I manage this via a stand alone PFsense box which does nothing else, does not run on VM or LXC, and no intel ME.

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