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Kalyx ######

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What if you upload your brain and in the year 2250 some AGI uses it to make 100.000 clones of you to work at some soykafty off-world colony?


Jokes on them, I'm a lousy worker.


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>some AGI uses it to make 100.000 clones of you to work at some soykafty off-world colony
Then they're in for one hell of a workers revolution.


Just Silicon Valley boomer things.


They set your will to rebel variable to 0 brother


damn, i could afford that.
it doesn't sound very promising though.


It's a bet. If it pays off, you don't have to stay dead. If it doesn't, you're dead either way. Is a small amount of money now worth a shot at a entire future life?

There are other cryonics organizations that can be funded by life insurance. A couple hundred dollars per year depending on how young and healthy you are when you sign up.

The company in OP's article, Nectome, is unusual in that they use a chemical preservation process in addition to freezing, are currently only researching the process, and are planning to offer the option to terminally-ill patients to be preserved while still alive.

The other organizations, the Cryonics Institute and Alcor, use a simpler freezing process that could allow the brain to be revived as is, are already freezing people, and freeze people after death (preferably with a team on standby in the hospital by your deathbed).

Some articles on the subject:

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