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Found this USB dead drop walking about town, shame it was worn beyond use so i could see what was on it. Has anyone else here had experience with IRL public data sharing?


Quite interesting, I've never seen a dead drop around here. Has anyone ever used one and found something interesting? or is it just for trolling?


Careful, leaving USB sticks lying around is a common way to spread malwares. It would be better to set up something like a piratebox that won't suffer physical damage when it's used.


If you are in EU, these (pirateboxes) are quite popular. There have been several mesh-net projects that have existed over the years, but apparently this is an actual thriving community.


not only distribute malware, there are USB sticks that can fry motherboards just by being plugged in. Perhaps this is paranoia but I'd be a little wary of any found USB disks.

thenagain I know people who've picked them up many times and been fine.


Dead drops seem neat as a concept, but the combination of impracticality and risk mean that I can't really get excited about them. Ultimately they can't do anything a website can't.


Besides sadism, I can't think of a good motivation for leaving motherboard-frying drives on the ground. Whoever leaves it wouldn't receive anything in return, and they can't see the user's reaction upon plugging it in (in the case of a malicious prank)


Well it was never a practical idea anyway, more like part of a game. But you're right. I do like the concept of having infrastructure like this that you can find in physical space which is under the noses of the rest of the public. It reminds me of graffiti in a way, which is often nonsensical scribbles to most but has a language that you can follow throughout the city, if you are in the know.


Went to a dead drop in my town, there was nothing on it. Left 10GB of anime and a GB of books about programming and philosophy.


Where do you go about finding dead drops?


https://[subject of this thread in plural form without spaces].com


I'd be far more interested in wireless local servers than trying to shove flash drives into a wall. It's less likely to kill laptops, and you could add a lot more features.


>spread malware
just liveboot linux on your laptop before plugging it in


lookup piratebox


I used to live in a densely populated area. A real big soykafty. Over the span of 5 years, I found a total of 3 random USB drives while out walking around and just taking care of my day to day business. The first was really scuffed up and the housing was cracked. It contained heavy metal and punk rock mp3s. Boring top of the pops stuff, nothing obscure or interesting. The second was blank and in good condition. I still use it to this day. The third, found near a library, was full of a student's class work and had a directory with some personal pictures. Just mundane stuff, nothing spicy. I was able to figure out the name and email of the owner by browsing through the files and decided to contact them. They were extremely relieved to hear that it had been found. I met up with that anon the next day and they explained that just about everything on there was backed up except for a paper they were currently working on. This was back in the day, just as cloud based services like google docs were rolling out. The poor anon was freaking out thinking they were going to have to rewrite a paper they had nearly completed. I really felt for them, having experienced a hard drive failure myself and knowing what a demoralizing grind it can be to have to rewrite a long half remembered document that you've already completed.

One summer, when I was still in the big soykafty, I decided to leave a few thumb drives with some OC in random places, just for the sake of doing it. I added some funny exif/steg info and was curious if I'd ever hear anything back. I noticed one of the pictures on another image board some time later but that might just have been a repost of something I had already posted myself. Some time had past. I always figured the drives I left around were either damaged or, if they were reused, wiped without investigation due to security concerns.

Like the others mentioned in this thread, be careful how you examine found drives. I refurbish old gear and have an expendable air gapped rig that I live boot for just this purpose.


ffs just buy a vps with bitcoin and host a public ftp server


I think you may have missed the point of this thread.

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