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Kalyx ######

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Do you guys think it's possible to make Accela or any other kind of electronic drug IRL? If so, how exactly would they work? And if Accela can't be done, what can with this kind of technology at this point?


No way you'd just swallow some large machine/electronic parts. Just think about the fact that it needs to get out again somehow. Have fun digesting that thing (and don't forget it needs a power source too). We'd need a whole lot of inventions and new materials before something like this could exist.

If anything I could imagine a permanent implant (like a pacemaker, but in your brain) or nanobots.


File: 1538070301523.jpg (13.14 KB, 290x248, 290px-CapsuleEndoscope.jpg)

>No way you'd just swallow some large machine/electronic parts.
Look up capsule endoscopy, which is a pill shaped camera that the patient swallows and that travels through the entire digestion system. This tech is increasingly becomming common and is definitely not science fiction.


I think that could be pretty useful. Maybe you can control it with a mini monitor, and load software to it that will tell it to administer certain kinds of mind altering experiences on command, via stimulating different areas of the brain or something.


File: 1538077724900.jpeg (8.39 KB, 219x230, download.jpeg)

that is, if we're talking permanent implants. As far as capsule endoscopy goes, that's actually pretty dope. Problem is, potential addicts could easily od from the battery acid alone.

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