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Any scientists or engineers that opt to use FOSS software on their spare time or even at work if you're crazy when everyone uses proprietary. I'm currently in uni in burgerland and most of the software we use are proprietary. I would like to avoid using them as I can. But checking on what companies expect you to know they often mention these proprietary programs.

It's important that the use of FOSS programs start from our education in order to cause a shift in the industry that thus the standards who feel compelled to opt for the proprietary option

Here are some software that is often kept up and used:


i am also in uni in burgerland and they have us use some bs called jGRASP which is garbage. i use emacs w/ ENSIME + sbt instead. Miss me with that proprietary soykaf fam.


my uni teaches bash, git, vi, emacs, etc
be jealous


What school?


it's a locationdox but i can say it's a calstate university


Same, but in a state north of you.


scikit-rf for having fun with radio frequency for python users.

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