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Kalyx ######

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Is GNU Social worth using?


If you want to tweet without using Twitter, sure. Just keep in mind that anything you post there is forever public. Even if one's own node goes down, other nodes will have what you posted mirrored.

If you've never wanted to tweet in your life regardless of platform, then probably not.


Not really, use something more modern, like Mastodon or Pleroma.


>like Mastodon or Pleroma
What's the big difference? What keeps me out of the Fediverse is how it's hard to figure out what the "right" choices are for services and then servers.


Yeah, Mastodon has Momentum now

what does even happen when "your" Mastodon Server goes down. Is your account gone? What happens to your toots?


Mastodon is mature but resource heavy, while Pleroma is still somewhat buggy but much more lightweight. If you are just a user and don't want to host your own instance you should probably stick to Mastodon.

Your account is gone but your toots remain on the instances they were federated to.


Any advice about servers?


Hosting a server, or finding one?

Hosting Mastodon is very resource expensive, even for a few users, (think the $20/mo DO servers). Pleroma could be hosted on a Pi.

Finding one? The best instance I've seen that both doesn't block instances, and isn't blocked by instances, is


Blocking instances isn't bad per se, I don't want edgy 16 year old stormfags for example.


Don't say bs please. I'm hosting waifu[dot]social, and it's not resource expensive at all for a few users. But compared to Pleroma

Mastodon consumed about 4x the RAM and 4-8x the CPU power that Pleroma does for the same number of users, if not more.

Once mastodon starts federating with 500+ other servers and you have 20+ active users, expect RAM usage to exceed 4GB if you want search support, and for any single core system to be pretty hopeless.


File: 1547571165202.jpg (41.76 KB, 770x887, a bomb.jpg)

I very much hate Mastodon social, both its authors and its implementation are malicious in nature. Lets talk about this for a second.

First off, Eugen is a unironic piece of soykaf. For a while, I and a few other people were perusing the creation of an alternate implementation of the source. I was asking moonman, the guy who runs shitposter club about how various parts of webfinger worked, and Eugen literally ran into the conversation and claimed he shouldn't answer my questions because I was a neo-nazi or something. He has done this on multiple occasions to many people in an attempt to stifle out completion with his product. There have been many other attempts to create new gnu/social implementations that were maliciously blotted out by him, but I have a lot of respect for the privacy of the people who worked on it. They are personal friends of mine who I have worked with on other project. Those stories are for others to tell.

Next off, lets talk about mastodon social itself. Its a somewhat solid platform, but it has one issue that is specifically designed to mess with other gnu/social implementations. Do you remember Microsoft's modus operandi to flip open source protocols into proprietary systems? It was Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish. This is exactly what Eugen has done with his software. Mastodon, when it was first introduced, Embraced the protocols behind gnu/social (ostatus). Then he introduced his own additions to the protocol, private messaging. He was warned from the start that there would be scoping issues. Then, upon its implementation, he freaked out and encouraged people to block gnu/social nodes for not sup porting a feature that he introduced without consulting anyone else working on/with ostatus. Many nodes were forced to swap over to mastodon to stay part of the network.

Eugen's behavior is the whole reason groups like the gun/social axis exist. They aren't just random autists that post smug lolis that decided to organize for no reason. Its because he decided to try and hijack the whole network.

(please excuse the random vaporwave text, needed to avoid some of seph's wordfilters as they are direct references to various websites)


yeah eugen is retarded


I hosted Mastodon instance for a month. Being connected to Pleroma relay its whole network fetched my posts instantly, but Mastodon was a mess. No one inside Mastodon network I believe saw my posts at all. I was required to create dummy accounts on some other instances (like and subscribe it to my instance to make them grasp my posts. Even after running my instance for >15 days it couldn't fetch some updates correctly. For example, you see some post in your timeline, but you can't see how much 'boosts' it has and, most importantly, some comments to this post are invisible. After some time I found I'm not the only one and the same problem is chasing other small instances. I however found no solution at all. It means if you write a comment to some post there is no guarantee at all that OP would at least see it, the same as there is no guarantee other instances will fetch your comment correctly. So your comment may be invisible for some users, may be invisible almost for all, may be invisible for all or may not. There is high chance everything will be fine, but you can't be sure for 100%. Total mess. I didn't notice Pleroma would suffer from the same trouble, so my opinion it's only Mastodon related.
You just can't expect good quality from >800 node modules with duplicates of different versions.


one of the main devs of pleroma seems to be a lain person.

Do we know who this is ? Are you around here ?



It's me


I simply hate Mastodon. They breaked the whole fediverse with their bullsoykaf. Implemented a policy of "accept everyone, lgbt etc…" otherwise you are a neonazi.


File: 1547770604550.gif (551.08 KB, 501x398, gnu-jihad-XXL-anim.gif)

- Nuke Israel - - Nuke Mastodon - - GNU TERROR - - Nuke Israel - - Nuke Mastodon - - GNU TERROR -

- Nuke Israel - - Nuke Mastodon - - GNU TERROR - - Nuke Israel - - Nuke Mastodon - - GNU TERROR -


Man that is cyberpunk as fuck.


Present Day, Present Time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! yup it sure is.


>: ^ ) is censored
ok very cool seph


You just have bad taste in emojis Alice. ┐(︶▽︶)┌


Only following tradition. Also, it's not censored, it's "language enhanced".


Shut up seph


who are you ?


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