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Discussing your current set up, prospects for buying equipment and general questions relating to listening to music. Here's the parts in a nutshells.

Digital Media
Consider your listening device, from your phone or a computer it's important to know the capabilities of your hardware. It's generally recommend for your computer to be your main listening device as for the range of obtaining better sound is greater.

Source Files
For those with special ears, the format of your music might make light and day with your setup. The discussion of audio files could take forever, but without a doubt store your music in a Lossless (e.g FLAC) or uncompressed (e.g WAV) format and convert down to a lossy format (e.g MP3) when necessary such as playing music specific devices where the larger lossless and uncompressed format will be impractical.

Amplifiers and DACs
Amplifiers and DACs are a necessary part of your digital audio system. The DAC converts your music from 0s and 1s into analog signals, and then the signal is amplified by your amp. People often ask if they need an external amp or DAC, and the answer will depend on the following:

Are your current headphones underpowered?
Does your source produce audible noise/hissing/EMI?

There are a few types of amp and DACs, and they serve different purposes. An amp or a DAC can be portable, meaning you can simply put them in your pocket, and then enjoy the music on the go. Desktop amps or DACs can go from the tiny USB powered FiiO E10 and all the way up to the size of a Beta22. Amps and DACs are either be two stand alone units, or a single device.

With amplifiers, most people want a neutral and transparent sound signature, meaning the amp doesn't change the sound in anyway. However some people prefer amps that change the sound, because of this, many vacuum tube based amps are made with the intention of reproducing a colored sound.

Speakers & Headphones
The most important part of your set up, don't skimp out and buy cheap speakers or headphones.It's recommended to actually find some of this used, but always listen before you buy. When buying speakers and or headphones consider where you will be listening this? How much space you have (Space is really important), the kind of music you'll be listening to.

>Frequency Response Charts

A frequency response graph shows how a headphone will reproduce sound, whether it'll have emphasized bass or treble, or relatively neutral, but it does not necessarily tell you the whole story. There are other factors such as non-linear distortion involved.

>Getting the best from your speakers
>Speaker placement

>Learn more

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