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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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OK so here is the problem with my computer you may find weird

I have been playing csgo on gtx 1050ti for a while with fast sync on but I play better with vsync off although turning vsync off makes screen tearing, this is not the case in my situation because im getting about 100-200fps on 75hz monitor without screen tearing and it feels like fast sync although fast sync is off. Its weird thing to say but i actually miss the screen tearing. tell me how to fix this problem just need get screen tearing. its not just csgo it also other source games like gmod

PC specs: intel g4560, gtx 1050ti with 4gb, and 75hz monitor (freesync but nvidia wont let me)


Can't you put a rate limit on the frames? Or does that not help?



With high FPS your probably not going to see the screen tearing for a start at very slightly.

Put the refresh rate at 60 hz and try to disable vsync see if there an improvement then do it back at 75 hz if there is no change it probably due to an option somehere in the Nvidia panel.


It would be better to ask /wsr/ or a tech support IRC group, since this site has low traffic and it’s a specialized question.


I try capping fps below refresh rate but still no screen tearing
I tried uninstalling drivers it works but then no screen tearing after closing it off after a day

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