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I don't know if this is the right board but what are your thoughts on gene editing? Is it the future of humanity or will it just be a thing that is forgotten in a few years? Would you have you genes edited or no? Would you have designer baby or would you be ethically opposed to editing the genetics of your child?


I believe gene editing is a good thing because we can change humans genes to become better, stronger, faster, smarter, and live longer. Not just for military super soldiers ,better development for work purpose that requires some skills to work efficiency.


It will become a common thing, but I don't believe it will be as significant as the internet.


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this is a crucial element to our future!
we must kick human gene editing research into high gear - or fall prey to the AI!
(elon agrees)

if we are to meet the future, we absolutely categorically must edit our genes. let's level up, let's close in on perfection.
there is no sacrifice too great for progress, especially considering the sciences.
otherwise we'll end up in a "clogged society" of 12-lane highways, in horrendous slowly worsening stagnation.
we must engineer Homo Novus, the pioneer of our destiny, for our heritage to conquer this part of the galaxy.
it is obvious to everybody that our current bodies are frail, dirty, wasteful, and generally worthless. and we individuals truly are the proponents of military might, economic strength, and generational upgrading, for even the greatest tower is built out of such small bricks. therefore if we update the individual to our needs, the whole fortress of humanity shall emerge!

also, let's be honest…
it's nigh time that Futanari be engineered…


It's just yet another control problem. If we do figure out how to get precisely what we want to create by editing genes, we'll be creating things we fail to understand, control or contain in no time.
If we do not understand, it's just another high-hype form of tinkering that yields next to nothing. AI Winter? Gene Winter!

>to become better, stronger, faster, smarter, and live longer.

Perhaps, perhaps not. I would also leave a strong reminder not to fall for the progressive meme - just because something can be improved doesn't mean it can be improved indefinitely. Maybe all we can get is 20 more years of longevity, +10 average IQ and less diseases.

Sounds about right.

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