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Kalyx ######

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What email client do you use Lainons? Do you use webmail, native graphical client, or something in the terminal?

What email service do you use? Or do you host your own?
Kolab Now
Proton Mail

Other questions
How do you deal with GPG encryption? Do you rely on the old school web of trust or do you use
Do you read any mailing lists?


Currently I just use gmail+Evolution and it's okay but I"ve been considering moving to something either in the terminal like mutt or one of the emacs ones. Biggest feature I want is threading emails in mailing lists that are replies to each other even if I am not participating. Thunderbird does not do this as far as I'm aware.



I use Thunderbird/Icedove on desktop and K-9 mail on mobile for the GPG integration. I used to use jed for fun, but now I just use it as a text editor.


>>230 (OP)
I use a email, with Thunderbird+Enigmail
For PGP I usually just share keys using other platforms, which is enough for me to trust them.

I also just developped a rudimentary public key database over at

drop me a PGP email if you want,



I need to get my hands into a console client, mutt always pissed me off with its less than stellar IMAP support.


I'm keen to know what console mail clients are hot these days. Haven't screwed with Mutt in a long while.


How is, i liked the idea on paper but nervous about it being a /g/ project

I hear some people who dislike Gnus/mutt/others imap function use offlineimap to handle the actual synchronized with the imap server and then just dealing with everything locally


>How is,
I like their services a lot, I've had no problems at all
keep in mind was a /g/ project first as well, that doesn't really mean anything imo.


Both mu4e and notmuch are pretty awesome. I use the latter, but the former is fine too.


I use thunderbird with enigmail.

I have a key on for everyone who want to message me and then a "sepcial" key I only give out in private.

For providers I use a wide range from riseup, teknik, cock etc.


what's wrong with mutt+imap?

i've only ever used it on-server via ssh, so never tried, and it's great for everything else

supports threading things too, though you have to turn it on


Using claws-mail with the GnuPG-Plugin for my mails. It works very nice if you compile it (or get it shipped) with the Network-Manager-support. My mail-accounts are stored on my own server and on my university's one.
Just werks fine.


Sadly, the gmail webclient.
I do, however, use Thunderbird for usenet. Mailing lists are like a poor man's Usenet, so if you like mailing lists, try Usenet out sometime.
I'd run my own mailserver if comcast wasn't blocking the ports: then I'd switch my email client to be Thunderbird too.


I use evolution with accounts on gmail and I like the gnome integration that evolution has, I just wish that the gnome online accounts daemon wouldn't randomly stop connecting to gmail accounts after a while.


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I like a good dose of cocks in my webmail.

Main (work n soykaf) -
Wired -


>What email client do you use Lainons?
Thunderbird on computers and K9 on my phone. I've also tried mutt, alpine and Claws. Might give them another try sometime.

>What email service do you use? Or do you host your own?

I host my own, but I also have a (firemail) and Gmail address.

>How do you deal with GPG encryption? Do you rely on the old school web of trust or do you use

I honestly usually don't check keys I use (I rarely GPG anyways), but normally its the web of trust. Is there a program to automatically check keys over either or both?
(On the subject of Keybase, I honestly find them pretty annoying. I like the idea but don't see the need of a complete Electron app that allows for example chatting. Just keep it at proving linked identities, and for the love of Lain never use Electron.)

What does networkmanager support do?

How do I connect to Usenet without paying a provider?


I was looking at getting an invite for riseup, but i don't know that many privacy aware people in meatspace. currently i am using tutanota and protonmail. and guerillamail for singning up to things.


Why do you want an account at a hoster located in the USA if you call yourself privacy aware?


There are free providers:
I can't remember the other ones right now.


Client? K9 and Evolution.

Service? Fastmail.

But lately, I've been rethinking the whole SMTP/IMAP/POP3 thing, and looking into DIME ( I'm really hoping it takes off. It looks like a good solution to the whole email metadata issue. PGP/GPG is only useful for encrypting bodies of messages, it can't hide anything else. SMTP and its ancient trust-everyone store-and-forward idiocy needs to die.


I've never gotten the draw to Fastmail. The clients aren't open source and the service costs money. Why?



>I've never gotten the draw to Fastmail. The clients aren't open source and the service costs money. Why?

The service costs money so that they don't have to monetize by datamining users' emails (beyond the usual anti-spam measures) and shoving advertising in users' faces.

As for Fastmail-compatible clients not being open source, I think you are grossly misinformed. Everything Fastmail does is standards-compliant. That's kinda their thing. They really really really like sticking with standards. Any open-source client that conforms to those standards works fine with Fastmail. (

Want to sync files? Webdav. Want to sync calendars and contacts? Caldav and carddav (or LDAP for read-only access). Mail sync? IMAP and SMTP. And of course it's all TLS'd. So I'm a little confused as to why you think Fastmail and open-source clients don't work together.


There is neomutt now, which has a lot of improvements:


+1 for Fastmail, it's great.


I like my Posteo account. Although I don't really care for their leftist background, their site is designed well and it's overall a comfy experience. I only use this address with trusted people though.

All the normal person soykaf stays on GMail and some other less trustworthy providers.

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