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I've heard of sir Tim building out on his vision of the next iteration of the interwebz called Solid. That particular implementation doesn't cater much to autonomous uses, but the underlying idea is pretty interesting - separate the data and applications apart. You can host your data wherever and grant application access to it. Seems like it has potential to make the apps/services interoperable to a larger degree. What do you say, Alice?


Neumann is rolling in his grave



>>2332 Sorry for confusion - I was thinking about this in particular and underlying principle in general.


When I read about it a couple of months ago it seemed like a worthy effort to me, although I didn't dive in that deeply. It seems that it could solve a lot of the problems regarding vendor lock-in that we have on e.g. fb.


I dismissed it probably right after they had mentioned linked data with uris. Then i chanced upon this article which layed out this idea favourably compared to status quo information flows. I'll be pondering it some more - the ramifications and posibilities it brings aren't totally clear. If it bears though, i'd try throwing in some alien technology instead of rdf.


>Neumann is rolling in his grave
Why, Neumann didnt want the architecture named after him anyway, and it actually has downsides:
Data as program has made possible explotation of programs and attempts to mitigate use w^x flags to identify which memory is program instruction and which are data.
And the von nuemann bottleneck.

Of course isolating data and application code isnt a computer architecture thing here because all usable computers are von nuemann anyway. Nor is it all that novel - databases and file systems do exactly that anyway. Conventional programming patterns like mvc embrace the same. This is just the same pattern played out on the wired.

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