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Kalyx ######

File: 1548253993959.jpg (750.05 KB, 1600x900, xontemp20160403190601-00.jpg)


Xonotic vs ChaosEsque:Anthology, Which to chose. A debate on OpenSource FPS's

>Xonotic over ChaosEsqueAnthology:

Ayyo. Before you make a big mistake in choosing a project or sum soykaf you gotta be feeling the ways of the both the people. You feel me?

M'fcking Xonotic and dis bullsoykaf is diffrens.

Xonotic devs deeply respect women and their rights and privileges.

Dis Bullsoykaf devs hate women's rights and have been harranging FLOSS femininists fo like a decade. (Citation: )

Xonotic Developers contribute to society by working real jobs.

Dis Bullsoykaf is a pack of fucking NEETs who say dey ain't workin fo no enemy.

Xonotic Programmers are attracted to real Women.

Dis BULLsoykaf glitterboys want to take little girls as brides.

Xonotic Men respect and uphold modern ethical understandings and beliefs.

DIS BULLsoykaf NEET FUCKS worship the war god of the jews and cite "deuteronomy" as reason why raping young female children into marraige is "awwwite" (Example: "Deuteronomy 22, 28-29,hebrew, see na'ar, tahpas bla bla bla bla" – These words are all spam-filtered on for a reason)

Xonotic Paragons have a correct work:life:hobby balance and deeply love real women.

Dis_Bullsoykaf neet glitterboys do not work, do not life, they just program the videogame and make maps for it. They hate women and like little girls (and we all know that little girls are basically boys).

Choose wisely for you will be judged by the company you keep.

If you want to get fired from your job: fine: shack up with mikeeeusa and the glitterboy neets of Dis Bullsoykaf and their mountain of soykaf. You know: if you like pedophiles and guns so much. Also the neet assholes added disgusting things like working torture chambers into the game. Do you honestly want to be associated with that?

>CEA over Xonotic:


Some things to consider:

Chaos-Esque Anthology has little things coded in over the years like:
Bullet Deceleration in Water (along with trails) (thus you can use water for cover like in real life)
Blood splatter on walls when bullets pass through players (noticed Unreal 97 had this, and Xonotic didn't, so it was coded in).
and various other little niggling details that were noticed as absent and programmed in over the years.

It also has big things like the tons of added weapons, and all the rest that has allready been mentioned.

Xonotic itself could be prone to puritanism: one of the devs wanted to strip out all the player models and replace them with only robots so it is "less violent" (don't think they did it, but it was discussed).
Chaos-Esque doesn't entertain such thoughts.

Xonotic has code churn from time to time when a dev decides to refactor everything in the "right way". Samual did this once, and later some new guys refactored the whole thing again.
Chaos-Esque does not do this. It refines the codebase it has. The machine doesn't care how asthetic ones quakec dialect appears to humans.
(Rewriting codebases for no reason can reintroduce long banished bugs).

You can think of Xonotic as american-christianity: subject to bouts of shakerism and other fads,
while Chaos-Esque Anthology is more listening to the voices of antiquity.

Chaos-Esque Anthology believes in slow, steady, methodical advancement. Like a large gear biting into whatever it is biting into.
Xonotic is more of a … talk about things… some bouts of revolutionary change… some iconoclasm… and churn in developers.

Chaos-Esque Anthology has one developer. Who listens to no one, who no one talks to.

One of these projects makes more progress than the other.

Now, on the otherhand: Xonotic has a … (close eyes, savor the moment, breathe in, breathe out)…
Xonotic has a Community.

You can go to Xonotic. You can approach it. You can Talk to it.
There are people you can say hey what is up, how be ist.
You can talk about new features you want, discuss enacting them, have arguments about it.

You cannot do this with Chaos-Esque. I mean, you can talk to a wall.
On the other hand, whatever feature you want in your heart… it has a good chance of simply appearing in Chaos-Esque.
The development model is: force of will. You will it. That desire is tranferred to the heart of the developer. He has the desire to suddenly implement a new feature. That feature is willed into existance.
Many people scoff at this development model saying that it lacks _Communication_, however Chaos-Esque has 185 weapons and Xonotic has 18. Many people go on the Xonotic forum, make a feature request… and unbeknonst to them Chaos-Esque has had this thing for many years (they will never know).

Note: Xonotic (and ofcourse Chaos-Esque) has a way of seperating game types. You could do ./xonotic-executable -game vanilla, and ./xonotic-chaos-esque executable -game chaos


Which do you choose /tech/?


File: 1548256416109.jpg (444.77 KB, 1600x900, xontemp20170911233845-00.jpg)

The programming language is C for the engine and QC for the game code.




File: 1550829307162.jpg (250.72 KB, 1600x900, cea.jpg)

pic related is an official screenshot of CEA
I think that says everything

this MikeeUSA guy also seems like a deeply troubled and hateful autist
I'll be staying far away from this crap and stick with Xonotic.


Try assessing a game by its design and not some developer drama and bullet point list of random features.


This post gave me cancer


I could not for the life of me get CEA to run after installation.
Xonotic runs great.


Maybe you're an idiot who doesn't know how to compile the engine?
(Binaries for newer versions of linux are on the second ISO btw).

Runs fine on linux, windows, and mac.


>I could not for the life of me get CEA to run after installation.
Then you are a fucking retard.
That's all there is to it.

A _FUCKING_ retard.

There is no "installation" of CEA: you just mount the iso and copy the folder over.
The windows and mac binaries run fine, because win and mac try to keep binary compatability. Linux DOES NOT. So the linux binaries will run ONLY on the version of the libs that that version of linux had. So you must compile the engine. Or you can use the nu-linux binaries on the 2nd ISO.

Or you can just use whatever xonotic (darkplaces) binaries actually run on your "I DUN NO HOW 2 COMPILR BRERRRR" system by copying them into XonoticChaosEsqueblabla/ and running them.



The engine source is on the ISO.



On your linux system you could just symlink the Xonotic (darkplaces engine) binaries that work for you into the directory (XonoticChaosesqueAnthology/) and execute them from there.

Sorry, I don't compile binaries for linux for every single distribution. Sorry bro. SORRY. BRO BRO.

You have to be not a stupid fucking moron. But white-men are idiots so.. impossible


File: 1559507183513.jpg (74.89 KB, 1280x720, oa.jpg)

Xonotic is gr8, but…
what about…

Yeah I'm a Q3 fag


I, personally, prefer openarena.


I like the OA's dev makes anime models.

Here's the link to chaosesque:


File: 1559518236082.jpg (65.72 KB, 620x349, xontemp20180315095908-00.jpg)

Got a fucking prolem?

What do you dislike about the artstyle? You can use any artstyle you want in the maps you make.

Oh, sorry, didn't waste time on the "Fag Womyn Worshiper Bay Area, Ship 2 Maps with our Gay-Me" artstyle and went with "I want to shoot eachother in this century" style.


File: 1559518589652.jpg (82.63 KB, 620x349, xontemp20181221181520-00.jpg)

>this MikeeUSA guy also seems like a deeply troubled and hateful autist

Tell me one reason why one should not be, and what that has to do with the gameplay?

>I'll be staying far away from this crap and stick with Xonotic.

Sounds like you're a woman, or a white man who supports women-in-tech (AKA: a Bay Area… StraightWhiteMale)


File: 1559518693002.jpg (40.66 KB, 373x448, 1546325839308.jpg)


File: 1559520039796.jpg (70.07 KB, 620x349, xontemp20160405153509-00.jpg)


Shut the fuck up Mikee, you fucking pedo.


>Shut the fuck up Mikee, you fucking pedo.




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