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Little internet tips

Please share any simple internet tips you find uesful.

1• when browsing YT to actually see good recommendations use a cookie manager to block cookies from YT then youll get relevent related videos and actually see new stuff rather just more of the same.

2 • Play around with the different country versions to find more intesting content.


Just don't take those cookies at all - why play along this 'let's analyze our users' trend. Make occasional exceptions when you can't do without. Fuck them those cookie monsters!

 No.2413 for less bloated youtube.
It actually isn't 'anonymous' since it still connects to google / yt servers to show the video, but it's much cleaner and loads much much faster.


Youtube channels have RSS feeds that you can subscribe to and the videos can be watched with mpv+youtube-dl. There's no reason to go on that awful website.


Lifehack 3。 You can't stop youtube from translating titles into whatever language you have set, but if you fullscreen, you can see the actual title at the top.

> 2 • Play around with the different country versions to find more intesting content.
what do you mean country versions?


You can and should use multiple browsers, one for each identity or group of activities. You can have one for sensitive information (I use a separate machine for this), a couple for productive work, one for Youtube that you can block when you should be doing something else, one for downloads that has to stay open, etc.


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I have some general advice that you might be interested in written here:


Can we please say (in some detail) what the user will gain from taking an action before prescribing it?


you can also use mpsyt that is a cli tool not for just playing yt links but also for searching.


Subscribe to interesting channels via rss and download videos with youtube-dl through tor.


YT has different versions for different countries, it automatically directs you to the ver for your own country but you can manually change it.


4 • Use developer tools to edit any website on the fly and then screenshot it. Exapmle use: stores that price match their own or other webstores. (JK dont actually do this)


5 • in a jiff remove the heat coils from a hair dryer to use it as a high power cooling fan for a

Not technically a internet tip what ev.


do you know if the different versions matter after youtube knows who you are,
or is this tip for those who hide their usage from youtube?
I've used different countries before without noticing a difference, but maybe it's cause i wasn't paying attention.


*Little YouTube tips


I've been working on a little guide for my family, little tips and trick to get yourself around the internet. I could probably dump it here when i'm done with it.

Look for Freetube on GitHub. It a Mpv and ytdl in GUI interface it manage you subscription too.


Many hair dryers have an unheated mode.


I get local news even though I changed my location a long while ago. What's worse, I keep getting them despite having clicked the "Don't show me this" option, and YouTube saying they won't show it to me anymore. I'm pretty sure if it isn't a placebo, it just makes some stuff from the country you choose pop up occasionally, as opposed to never.




Best tip is that a site is not capable of use without javascript then that site is your enemy and will end up stabbing you in the back as soon as it can. The people that makes site like this either wish to rape you or will turn a blind eye when you become a victim. Don't let anything turn you into rape cattle, especially not some stupid site.


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