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Kalyx ######

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So I recently got a raspberry pi 3 and I have had a good time with it. I now have no practical use for it anymore and was wondering if I could play any games on it like League of Legends.


Unless League can run on such weak specs or even on the arm arch you are SOL. It is for the best.I would be pretty ashamed to play LoL while DOTA2 exists. Turn it into an emulator station for PS1 and older consoles or turn it into a media server. Fuck your mother.


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Emulation is your friend on the RasPi. Try Retroarch or the last version of Kodi, which just added Emulator support iirc.

You could also turn it into some kind of DIY Laptop by making it portable, add a screen, etc.


It's way too weak to handle any advanced 3d rendering, and its architecture only makes it harder.
Like the other replies, emulation is the only thing it's guaranteed to handle


did you read one of my earlier posts or is that an insult, I also will check out turning it into a ps1 emulator.


Nah not an insult.


still confused but I'm just gonna drop it.


Be careful. It is quite fragile.


that isn't what i meant but still made me laugh

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