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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links

Telegram Piracy

Telegram group A modest group of 400+ pirates chatting on Telegram.
@itorrentsearchbot Search bot for finding torrent and magnet links on by keyword search
@vkmusic_bot Find and download pretty much any song
@RickyChristanto Channel for movie releases, usually from YTS in MKV format.
@iMediaShare channel Movies, TV shows, apps, and more
@movies_inc Another Telegram channel for downloading movies
@Qualitymovies Lots of 720p Blu-Ray movie releases
@MusicHuntersBot Another music downloader bot
@DeezerMusicBot Music bot which downloads tracks from Deezer
@SMLoadrCommunity Telegram community for SMLoadr


oh this 'awesome piracy' compilation is just perfect, thanks a lot


If only You could ditch that last git something something link, We wouldn't have a reason to get out of our cossy telegram bubble. Btw, … forget it, I'll better hit You up on telegram, though.


I don't know why anyone would post something on Github when they can lock it away behind a pretend privacy service.

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