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Kalyx ######

File: 1553229635834.jpg (45.78 KB, 592x444, z80_ti-82.jpg)


So I have a Texas Instruments TI-82 graphing calculator I picked up at the 'thrift a few months ago as a spare. I decided to crack it open today to see what was inside. I knew most TI graphing calculators had a z80, but I thought they were tied up in custom silicon. Lo and behold, there was a bog-standard z80 sitting there with its entire bus exposed. This is just begging to be hacked. Would something like
be a good idea?
Thanks Alice.

Image source from ifixit.

Datasheet for z80 chip


TI-82 has 32KB of memory. If you want to put a new OS on there, it's going to have to be bespoke.


That's a lot more than most consumer z80 systems.


Great, but portability requires a lot of expensive abstractions.

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