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I was just checking on the state of Ted Nelson's ZigZag software a day or two ago, and on Wikipedia a citation directed me to the Google page on it. This page contains the claim "2019-03-26 · Application status is Expired - Lifetime", which checking now seems to be today. I don't have those law abilities that would let me verify this, but that would be very interesting!

Regardless, this reminds me that I ought to describe an idea for an imageboard that uses a zzstructure to organize posts/threads, which I'll try to do later today. Any other potential uses of the data structure you're looking forward to taking advantage of? Feel free to also mention other expired or soon-to-expire patents that seem interesting.


Update:When I saw this it seemed to be earlier than I expected, and looking at the USTPO site, it seems that Google's claim is based on the PCT Pub. Date:, not the filing date. I have no idea if I can trust that or not, but I guess either way it's probably not to early for me to start writing notes on what I'd like to do when I know it's expired for sure.

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