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What in the holy mother of fuck were you thinking when you foisted this idiocy upon the world?

So there I was, total newbie to coding of any kind despite having used Linux as my OS of choice for two decades. I'd picked up some VBA for work-related projects in Excel and Access over the past few months, and this past week I thought to myself "This is kinda fun. I ought to start learning a non-proprietary language this weekend to do some personal projects."

So I spent the day doing some searching for a starter language that's both useful and easy to learn. I saw all these articles on Go. I did the tour, and made some neat stuff afterwards. (Well, neat to a total newbie.) And I thought to myself, "This is awesome, I'm making useful programs for myself that actually work. But all these functions in one giant file is really messy. I ought to separate them into files and subdirectories for tidiness and ease-of-reuse."

And then… I encountered the insanity of GOPATH.

And then I spent hours trying to figure out how to simply include "subdir/functionfile.go" in "mainproject.go" without fucking around with environmental variables and the bonkers-ass directory structure that Go demands.

And then I gave up.

And then I uninstalled the golang package.

And now I'm looking for something similarly easy to learn and useful that makes no demands upon me with regards to directory structures.


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