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I have a question for twitter users. Do protected accounts appear in the "who to follow" section?

I've noticed that only public accounts are suggested.

I used a burner mail address and didn't add my phone number, but I logged in using the application once. What are the chances it was recommended to contacts?


This would be interesting to find out. So far people I do know in real life and in my contacts have not been recommended to me. It may go by device location more than anything. Block Twitter from reading your location may not show people near by that you may know.

I only follow hardware manufactures but somehow Donald Trump still came up in my recommended to follow list. I'm not even from the US.


protected accounts do not pop up in the who to follow list


>I used a burner mail address and didn't add my phone number,
Actually, I'd bet that the account has since been security-locked for "suspicious activity" due to the lack of a phone number. That's a favourite tactic at Twitter to pull in additional personal info.


I think this only happens if you try to log in using a shared IP address. But yes, if it were a real security feature it wouldn't rely on SMS.


I have a few Twitter accounts to spread some things in the platform. Always create them like this, they get blocked instantly and then I send an email to support saying I didn't do anything suspicious, their system seems to be broken, etc., complaining that keeping people out for not having a mobile is unfair - basically sounding extremely unaware and just asking it back- and they always reinstate within the day.

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