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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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I’m sure many of you have realize the catastrophe of Mozilla this Week-end about the signature of add-on on Firefox. I’m not gonna reiterate what many of us has said in the past but I think it show PERFECTLY what it means to let any organization the control of whatever we’re doing, also it’s a good opportunity to discuss the fact and the future of these type of problem since they will be more current in the future.

For the people that aren’t aware, Mozilla as not renew their certificate for add-on which lead to many people loosing their said add-on. I’m not tech savvy on this matter but I think that pretty much what happened. The cherry on the cake is that if you wanted to fix the problem you needed to activate some telemetry. They blatantly asked for user to send their information for a fix which also look suspicious. Most people the “supposed” fix didn’t even work.

“It may take up to six hours for the Study to be applied to Firefox”

On the reddit of Firefox there is strangely a lot of support all of sudden for Firefox which also look really suspicious to me. I’m not saying their in damage control but it sure looks like it, I might just be paranoid too, seeing things that aren’t there.

Personally, This is the reason why I want to be in control of my software and not the other way around. Even if Firefox is acting really unprofessional their isn’t an alternative that satisfied me as much as they do. On the other hand I also feel link their aren’t honest with what going on, they prone privacy but asked to enable telemetry, this seems really counter intuitive. It’s also a window in the future of software and cloud computing, where we will not be in control if anything happened which again seems like a really bad move coming from a “freedom/privacy” browser. Do you imagine if something like that happened to your OS? What are the alternative to something like this? I personally now know there is a way to activate unsigned add-on and this is probably what I would do from now because this is the only way I will be in control if something happened by default but it not secure to do this.


"wich lead to many people loosing their said add-on"

Wow, that really sucks i thought the add-ons were just "disabled", at least for me all my add-ons where in the profile folder from where i could just reload them again (with the option in about::debugging).


So what? Just use a different browser you weirdo. Nobody is forcing you to use firefox, there are numerous other solutions out there. If you don't like any of what is currently available on offer from the 40+ other browsers that people use regularly, start up a github and try writing your own, it isn't too difficult.


God, no. No, just no. For the sake of all web developers' sanity, we should try to stick to only using 5-7 different browsers so that sites can be complex yet still work. A single web page shouldn't have to have 40 different versions of itself for 40 different browsers. (many newer CSS styles are only supported in some browsers, or have workarounds for others) I cannot name more than 7 different browsers that anyone uses. Also, the issue is beyond just "firefox broke"- Firefox is known for being 'free' and 'private' and the way that Firefox was built to allow this to happen might as well happen to any other 'free', 'privacy-centric' and 'secure' program. Firefox is popular, well-known and widely used by everyday people and developers alike and this happening shows a large lack of competency behind the scenes for Mozilla and possibly other companies (because if mozilla is this retarded, what's stopping other companies?)

No, the add-ons were only disabled, not removed. Downloads/redownloads from Mozilla's add-on store were broken for anyone without the hotfix, though.



Fuck developers and fuck complexity on the web. They can learn to deal or I won't use their site. Simple as that. Normal people with normal sites don't have massive complex apparatuses, and big megacorp sites I could not possibly care less if they have to do extra work. Good, I'm happy to waste their money.


Finding and supporting a Firefox fork is what a lot of people should have done instead of complaining. Forking is the one of the incontrovertibly good things about free software but a bunch of grown children would rather complain about big bad Mozilla not pushing untested code to their browser unless they join the testing program. ;_;


I think the real problem here is that the web "standards" are controlled by a few companies. A website should look more or less the same on every browser.

Also: even for the very wide variety of browsers out there, there are actually much fewer rendering/JS engines. Most of the differences come from stuff like add-ons and interface – you know, the stuff mozilla constantly fucks up.


It looks like I'm less mad at Mozilla about this than most people. As far as I'm concerned, the occasional failure to renew certificates into a "soykaf happens" category. Mozilla's response hasn't been great, but I think it's more "disorganized" than "suspicious".

>The cherry on the cake is that if you wanted to fix the problem you needed to activate some telemetry.
AFAIK, they were abusing their "studies" system as a band-aid for the issue. Studies send back telemetry, because that's what they're actually intended for. Turning off add-on signing was also a functional work-around, but I believe studies are enabled by default.


Migrated to Brave, never forgetti.


Until there is an alternative for ESR i'm not moving.



Do people trust brave?


Some do for some reason.


Why use Brave when you could use Ungoogled Chrome or Iridum. Pointless and about as dubious as Chrome. If you're a Firefox user just shift over to Waterfox or Pale Moon.


i had to move because after a fucking Week of them saying the issue was "fixed", it was still broken

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