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Kalyx ######

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Hey Alice, my beat to soykaf computer (HP Spectre- SSD, touch screen) is finally dead. It'd been resurrected, Frankenstein-ed, and taped several times- but this time- it's really- very dead.

So - it's been nearly 5 years since I've bought a new computer. I'm looking to get something refurbished or used, but I'm fishing for suggestions. Laptop preferable, RAM that can handle video editing and music production, decent storage, good performance.

Any suggestions? Anyone wanting to sell a computer? There's so many options, windows plebe here. But maybe I should just newegg the exact same computer I've been using this whole time? It just used to overheat like it needed a fucking radiator.



THINK , THINKPADS. buy used, fall in love, make cyborg half laptop babies with it.


Dell Latittudes are also an option, if you don't trust Lenovo


highly recommend a thinkpad, you can get a used one for quite cheap. if you don't need a laptop specifically then you can always put together your own computer for very little, or get something like an optiplex and fit it with a gpu. just dont buy used 'custom' towers online, most if not all, are overpriced


Thinkpads, huh? I may make a tower now that I have a new place I'm renting- but since I spent about 6 months a year sailing on a ship, a laptop is a must. Cyborg half laptop babies haha- let's look up this thinkpad…

Dell is like- the Buick of computers. It works. And I may find something on dellrefurbished . com


File: 1558883758633.gif (1.78 MB, 500x625, 1558299588302.gif)


I did just read about the possibility of Chinese spy chips in Lenovo though, so maybe not…


I would pay at most 150 for that.

There's a very real trust problem for all components and systems, not Lenovo in particular. What you're talking about though is xenophobic prattle. There is one country that's been caught modifying hardware and is widely suspected of backdooring millions of computers and it isn't China.


Yeah, that's kind of the key word here.

There's a track record developing. For example, newly-Chinese phone apps bought out from the original western developers have a history of suddenly having a whole lot of telemetry sent back to the motherland after an update. Do you seriously think that they wouldn't pull similar shenanigans in hardware if they were given half the chance, particularly given the ultra-close links between "private" and government entities in their economic/governmental system?


No one said you shouldn't worry about China.


Where could you get something at least that good at only 150?


Ebay. A T430 or T530 in good conditions is worth around $100. 16GB of RAM can be bought for $50. A new 256GB SSD is $30-40. Personally I would not buy a six year old laptop unless I had detailed information about it's condition, not just a promise that it's "refurbished".


>There's a very real trust problem for all components and systems, not Lenovo in particular. What you're talking about though is xenophobic prattle. There is one country that's been caught modifying hardware and is widely suspected of backdooring millions of computers and it isn't China.

Billions. All x86 is backdoored by the USA.


The thinkpad meme is generally for the old, used models on ebay. They're good daily drivers for those of us who mainly just want a laptop for web browsing/watching videos. Minecraft probably runs fine, not sure if you'd want one for starcraft or video editing tho.

Any ThinkPad made after like 2014 is soykaf, don't bother with the modern ones.


Look for an i7 model T420 with nvidia graphics on ebay. You will absolutely be able to play those games.


anyone know a good thinkpad to buy? obviously doesn't need to be a beast of a machine but occasionally i like to play some minecraft or tf2


File: 1559835841307.jpg (741.51 KB, 1868x3510, Y7D4by_n8MW-NyvntYUw2XHYxy….jpg)

Get a cheap laptop, the thinkpad like the rest suggest is a good bet. However, if you require more power I'd also get a desktop in addition too, especially since you can upgrade them too.

With a desktop I'd recommend going AMD for better value, security, upgradebility and more, especially with the new lineup of cpus coming around. The r5 3600 (6 cores/12 thread) and r7 3700x (8 cores/12 threads) currently look like very good buys, with the 3700x offering on par performance with the i9 9900k at a fraction of the price, without all of the security flaws, much power consumption etc, while the 3600 looks to match the i7 8700 with a price point of 200 usd. However, if you dont mind slightly older tech the 1st and 2nd gen ryzen chips and their respective motherboards are going for pretty dam cheap atm so if you dont mind the drop in single thread performance they make quite good buys. Ones to look out for would be the r5 1400 (4 cores/8 thread), r5 1600/x (6/12), r5 2600/x (6/12), r7 1700/x (8/16) and r7 2700x (8/16). For gpus I would recommend the AMD cards as they provide better value than Nvidia gpus and are better supported in Linux. The new ones at least also have outstanding performance in worksloads such as blender. The cards I would recommend would be the RX 570 at $130 that provides excellent preformance at 1080p, RX Vega 56 with performance for 1440p for $300 or if your got big pockets a Vega VII for $700, with a huge 16gb of HBM memory. IF you dont mind the issues with Nvidia, the only cards worth buying imo would be the GTX 1660 Ti as it provides decent performance for the dollar, doing well at 1080 and 1440p gaming. I dont recommend RTX because the whole lineup is just overpriced, with the justification being nothing but a gimmick in its current state.


Are there any good(professional) new laptops? I'm not concerned about the price enough to want to buy a used or refurbished one.


File: 1564866888658.png (212.23 KB, 2184x1344, thinkpad.png)

I know ThinkPads have been already mentioned, but if you need a portable computer I'd highly recommend the ThinkPad X220. I wasn't really a "laptop person" until I bought a used X220, it's an absolutely rock solid piece of hardware which has replaced my desktop computer. They're very cheap too with a sub 200 pricetag. I have no idea how well it runs Windows though.


Are there any new, robust laptops with decent specs?


There are a couple of ruggedized laptops on the market, but if you're talking about old Thinkpad quality mainstream laptops, not really. New Thinkpads are alright though, certainly better than the regular ultrabook garbage. Decent hinges and still more upgradeable and repairable.


This. I've had my X230 for over a year now and I've been doing a lot of stuff from coding through light video editing to music production and it handled everything I threw at it. Also thanks to coreboot I can boot from mSATA SSDs so the system is pretty fast and I could still cram a 2TB HDD there.
If you'll decide on this one, just make sure you're getting the one with an IPS panel.

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