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Thread for discussing cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, etc.

Ask questions, share resources, help out other lainons


Anybody know a good textbook for beginners to cognitive psychology/neuroscience?




Create your own dream machine.


Not OP bit I can pitch in.
- An Invitation to Cognitive Science Vol. 1-5 - The MIT Press.
If you've got calculus and linear algebra on your repertoire I'd recommend doing this

Unlike deep learning, computational neuroscience tries to replicate human and more likely animal brains. It's still open for research, we still haven't even cracked realistic neurons even less made something useful. Some research was done in robotics and neurons but it was easily outperformed by reinforcement learning.


I have taken many free neurology MOOCs in the past, seems like a great way to learn.

One was called "The brain and space", can't remember the titles of the others sorry.


Would love to hear some more thoughts about this thread, I've been reading a lot recently about the philosophical study of consciousness and functional theories of the mind. What do any of you think about Dennett or Churchland here?


I'm partial to the eliminatavist ideas that our introspection and various mental states (feelings, emotions, etc) are rough fuzzy representations of how our brains work, and so are a flawed sense that we use to understand and explain our own behaviour rather than the real underpinnings. They take this line of reasoning a bit too far when they claim these states don't exist at all, and that mechanistic explanations of how the brain works would explain all the features of consciousness. For that I like David Chalmer's reasoning. There is nothing in our current understanding of the universe / physics that can link why certain complex processes coincide with conscious perception, and so there is something fundamental left to discover.

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