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Is there a possible way to make your own wifi network? Without the need of a server subscription/provider? Has there been anything like this? Just a thought.



What do you mean anon? You mean connect to the internet over wifi without a service provider? Mostly-probably-not-possible. Some people are trying to do it anyway though.

If you just mean "can I have wifi without internet" then yeah, just disconnect your modem from your router.


>>2775 A Wifi network just links local devices together. There may or may not be internet available in the network, but you need a internet provider if you'd like to connect to the www.

If you'd like to learn more about Wifi as it sounds like you are very inexperienced, consider building a piratebox at or buy a ESP8266-based development board and play with it. Both are cheap ways to play with wifi and learn about networking.


Install gentoo


ad hoc



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Notice all of the profiles are ham grandpas. Probably not going to be a very fun alternet. God knows what kind of weird stuff they get up to in between jawing about their goiters. But it could be an interesting idea to play with.

Certain kinds of extremely high-efficiency compression are theoretically indistinguishable from white noise if you don't have the compression algorithm. In fact any low-entropy bits are a wasted opportunity to compress it more. Wonder if you could build a radio to hide packets in that background static, just above SNR where no FCC boy scouts would find it…


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