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Is it possible to repurpose/reprogram random microchips salvaged from scrap electronics? If so, what tools are required? Is it worth the effort?


You can salvage just about anything. You might salvage expensive chips (i.e. contains gold or is required to fix old hi-fis) or components that you want to use, but desoldering and board work in general is typically done for repairs. There's no shortage of videos and hardware recommendations for this.


Nope. E-waste is e-waste for a reason. Modern integrated circuits hide most of the complexity, and most components inside a multi-layer single board. Removing these components and seperating them isnt possible, they are on the order of micro to nano meters in feature size. You can remove 'surface mount' components and salvage them, and removing\ replacing them is a cool skill to have, but these components make up a minority of the device. Further, surface mount chips themselves ics are niche and specific in purpose.

So you will probably collect only large inductors, caps and coils this way. Its 水 though.


Depends on the thing, but it's probably far easier to just hack to firmware re-purpose an entire device. It's not worth it to take the mips out of an n64 to set up something for,, since a flash cart will be more fun… but it might be to do the same with an old hp printer formatter board.

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