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A while back, actually some year time ago. I came across this thing called a pirate box.
"PirateBox. PirateBox is a DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware."

"The new Hotfix release 1.1.3 is out. This release contains RPi-Zero-W support, additional changes for reduce write cycles on the SDCard"

For some reason, I feel like putting one of these pirate boxes into my old math book or a food box.
What about you Lains, any thoughts on this technology?


That time you write the header wrong, and forgot the password. So I'll fix it here before people attack me.


i ran one of these for a while, it was pretty nice for video sharing. i put it in a house where lots of friends hang out and people would upload/download stuff while they were there. didn't really use most of the other features. from an admin point of view, it's pretty much fire and forget as long as no one fucks with the physical device. what i'm really looking forward to is mesh networking support, that is when such things will really take off. right now they're mostly a neat toy.


Indeed. A neat toy to play around with, I thought about putting a book up in a library somewhere safe. Come back some days or weeks later and see what has happened to it.


Creating a wifi pocket pirate box.


I've literally been working for the past week and a half on creating a device that does the exact same thing. chan-style imageboard and all. Not sure if I should be disappointed that my idea has already been realized or if I should be proud that I had coincidentally shared the idea.


Piratebox dates all the way back to 2014


Well fuck


File: 1494944901728.jpg (246.8 KB, 900x600, product_pirate_photo3.jpg)

Be proud and make it yours.

Maybe add some stuff that isn't in the piratebox, like recording voice messages or something.


A portable imageboard? Cool!


I don't understand, what does this thing do actually?


Wireless file sharing, a chatroom, and an imageboard. It uses a very simple browser interface as well, so most devices support it. Basically a wireless flash drive with some added features.

I used a PSP to connect to mine and talked to myself on the imageboard one time, and downloaded some MP3s off of it. Pretty comfy desu.


Well I was going to make a new post, but I guess I'll just Necro this old one.

I was looking through my old stuff and found a Pi Zero W that I hadn't used in a year, so I figured I'd set up one of these. I'm using a 32gb SD card that way I don't have to use a usb port. I'd rather keep this small.
I leave it running when I'm at my university and few other places. One of those cheap portable chargers will run this for a few hours, and I have a giant one that can run it over a day.

I've also ordered a cellphone battery so I can lower the size a bit.

Here's a few pictures from when I first installed it. I changed some text in a few areas from PirateBox to SecretBox. Less chance of negative exposure.

Mine is set up to where as soon as it powers on it broadcasts an open wifi ap named "SecretBox - Share freely!". Upon connection you're redirected to the home page.
There is a chatbox on the front page, and an upload button where users can upload files to be shared. There's a forum which is just a standard imageboard, and a file section where users can download whatever people have uploaded.

On the chatbox, all users are anonymous by default, but can add a name if wanted. The imageboard is mostly the same way, but also supports tripcodes.

Everything is offline and nothing is logged. Because of the weak wifi on the Pi Zero W it could probably be traced back to me very easily, so I'll have to figure out a way around that at some point. For now I just have the MAC address being randomized every few minutes.
I also intend to make a Cyberpunk style theme to it, but I'll admit I'm not the best at that kind of thing so who knows. If anyone is good at that sort of styling any tips would be great.


File: 1504553492304.jpg (1.51 MB, 1310x3315, PB0.jpg)

Forgot to reattach the picture after editing it. Whoops.


I remember this idea. Would love to make one. Is there a guide anywhere?

A portable chan plus file sharing would be cool.


Imagine a Peli case with the box inside. Maybe a 512GB Sandisk SD card or 1TB Samsung external SSD for storage plus a powersource. The unit would be waterproof and self powered.


Be careful of the non suitcase peli's

They are beyond soykaf, and I have had them let water in several times.


examples of which ones you mean?


The official website has a guide.

I have a 64gb SD card I was going to use, but I think it only supports FAT32 at the moment, so I had to drop to 32gbs. I'm not sure if these applies to SD devices though. Although I doubt I could power an external drive with my setup. I'm going for small and discrete.

Mines finally ready. I guess I won't be adding a cyberpunk theme to it. I really need to work on my webdev skills.


Just Make your own.


Where can I source a 'Made in UK' Raspberry Pi in USA?

Can this be powered by a powerbank? If so for how long?

Does this work with full disc encryption?

What is the range of my network?

How can I extend the range?

Is it possible to mostly use tough grade/industrial grade components in this build?

How many users can connect at one time? Can this number be increased easily?

Am I right in thinking that in addition to being a portable imageboard it can also function as a file server? If its used for file sharing how fast are the upload/download speeds?

I would like to build a self contained and powered unit fitting in a Pelican/Peli case to make available to my local community or other places. Something that will hold up to be transported a lot, banged around, and rained on.


it's a computer, you can run anything you can imagine on it, fire up the stock raspbian and you have almost the entire Debian package repository at your fingertips. If you can do it with a regular debian server chances are you can do it with an RPI.

cpu cycles permitting

(actually that quad core ARM on the pi3 is pretty hefty)



I have two powerbanks. My smaller one is a 4000mah one ($13) and the longest I've tested it was for 6 hours, and it still had over 75% battery. So it could easily run one for a full day.

You'd have to script it yourself, but I don't see why not. Mine is designed to be fully automatic though, so encrypting it would be pointless.

The range depends on whatever wifi adapter you use. The built in wireless of the Zero W sucks, so you'll only get about sixty feet or so before dropoff. But a good ALFA036NEH with a 9dbi antenna would work much better. It's just however much you want to pay for an antenna, and how small you want it to be.

Extend the range by using a ba=etter wireless adapter/antenna.

Technically sure, but the plastic official raspberry pi case, or even an Altoids can will work just fine.

I've never tested this, it just depends on the capabilities of the device you're using. This is not resource intensive at all. I'd be more worried about network bandwidth before ever worrying about a concurrent user limit.

It has both an imageboard and a fileshare system built in.

Most of these answers are publicly available. Just check the raspberry pi website for the throughput.

This thing and a cellphone battery or two would fit in an aluma wallet. A pelican case sounds like overkill to me.


I wish Freedombox released another upgrade already


for those of you who want to install it quickly here is a fork that installs a ton of useful stuff and gets it running in one script

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