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Kalyx ######

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Recently I bought myself an old PC, second hand, to be a dedicated home server. Currently it's sitting on the DMZ of my home router and is used to host Arma 3 and Teamspeak 3 for my friends to play on. No I can't use mumble because we're using a radio mod that needs TS3 to work with Arma 3.

Server is running a free copy of Windows Server 2016 atm because that's what I'm familiar with and it was an easy install. I'm not familiar with linux servers at all so I can't really be bothered switching over. I picked it up with an old Xeon CPU, 710 GPU, 2 X 500GB HDD, Asus motherboard, case and a RAID card, all for $80 USD. What should I put my little server to use doing?

What cool things have you picked up for cheap and put to use?

Pick related, but not mine.


I haggled two desktops for $50 total from a local computer shop and installed debian stable on one. They might be the same model as yours but with 1GB of RAM and two 128GB HDDs.

It's being used for filesharing for friends over SFTP, MTP for an online radio station that plays my music files (controllable by some php hacks on http or ncmpcpp over ssh), some minidlna stuff for watching seinfeld on my friend's chromestick, acting as a server and storage for my motion controlled cameras (the linux "motion" application), and a basic VPN into my home network from afar. It's main purpose is storing/sharing files though.

I'm not sure if you have experience with linux or BSD but they're a lot easier and more fun to work with than Windows server, and I'm guessing can do more. Just make sure that if there's anything exposed to the internet that you have good security like a strict firewall and extremely strong passwords / public key authentication.


I always liked the idea of having the server set up on a public connection so that people can connect, dump stuff, do whatever and worst case scenario I just wipe the disks.

I'd like to set it up as a kind of creepy, ghost server with file left overs, text documents and audio snippets littered around. So when people connect they explore around, add stuff, remove stuff, whatever. I think it'd be cool but I'm not 100% sure on how to accomplish this though I think I'd need linux for native SSH support.

This sort of comes from having a website a while back that the lainchan IRC used to try and hack into. There were password protected folders and hidden documents, it was a lot of fun.


I love the idea of that as well, but it's also a good way to get abused by fuarkers who then drop sploits on your box and ruin everyones fun.


>can't use mumble
Yes you can: don't play closed source video games.
>What should I put my little server to use doing?
Make it a webserver. Having your own website is great, and it's a powerful thing to have. It's what I primarily use my server for. Ancient dell desktop I got for free. I also use it to store files when I switch between OSes, as I dualboot on my desktop.
If people can leave stuff you may get a CP problem.


>don't play closed source video games

I hope this is a joke


Closed Source Video Games Are A Sin And Distract You From Your One True Duty Of Praying At The Altar Of Stallman


File: 1495030394498.jpg (69.05 KB, 1280x720, stallman_kek.jpg)

this but unironically


Playing vidya is a waste of time and money unless done in moderation.



You people must be fun at parties.

Do you also only drink soda water and only fuck for procreation in the missionary position?


Oh, god forbid, no. We make up for the software purism by being total libertines with no standards in every other area of life.


See I do that and I play vidya. My soul is a tar pit.


Having fun is not a waste of time. Being bored IS a waste of time.
There are many ways to have fun, and having fun playing video games is a good use of time, if you have fun.
However, as I am not using a closed-source OS, I cannot play closed-source games.




right, well if you actually said that in the first place I wouldn't have felt the need to be a prat.

Well, not be a prat about that at least. I can't make any promises about other pratish behavior.


File: 1495212153226.gif (150.62 KB, 1024x800, yes.gif)

It's one thing if you can't be bothered with learning any thing about Linux, I understand that the server itself is an ends to a mean. But surely you are aware of the amount of overhead, system resources, the server OS is using that don't help you achieve those means.

I came from a place where you are now, trying to run services for whatever. When you start trying to optimize your setup your going to come to the conclusion the most cost effective optimization (free in this case) is running a leaner, meaner OS.

I invite you to do as I once have. Start up hyper-v and grab yourself a copy of Debian, if you want easy mode go ubuntu server. Play around with it, Install a media server, maybe host a local website for fun. Before long you will want to throw rocks at windows ;)

And as far as cheap hardware, is my goto for the big stuff but ebay is always worth a look. swappa for the mobile stuff if you like your fun on the run.


There are also the linux oreilly books on the tracker.


Instead of putting your server on the DMZ you should just forward the ports for the services you are using, as that is much more secure. Also if you are interested in technology you really should at least try running a Linux server.


I have an FX-8320 from my last build that had the mobo die, so I bought a cheap (~$60) mobo and a used psu (~$20) then threw in some RAM (8gb) and an old GPU, I use that as my home server now. I'm running Fedora 25 Server on it, mostly because when I first assembled it I planned on using it to host a windows vm with GPU passthrough for steam streaming, it ended up being pretty laggy with that old gpu though and no one really used it so now I just use the server for file storage, and some vm's for screwing around in. I've been looking into putting more cool soykaf on it like mayan-edms.



depends on how much control you've got set up on your router. If he can't currently keep it isolated from his internal network without DMZ'ing, which I've had when using ISP-provided modems in the past, then DMZ is probably the way to go


there's a tracker?


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