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Hello there, Linux Lains! Which Linux distro are you currently using, and why? What is your preferred desktop environment, and for what reasons? If you have a history of distrohopping, which distros have caused you to settle down for the longest amount of time? I'm curious to see what the majority of Linux-using Lainons are running.

I run Manjaro KDE. It has all the efficient minimalism of Arch but with the "it just works" of Ubuntu and I enjoy how fast pacman is. KDE because I like the way it looks and xfce was a bit too bland out-of-the-box for my tastes

NOTE: I'm asking which distro YOU use. Not which is "the best." That's entirely subjective. But, just so you know, it's Manjaro.
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Awesome! KDE - forever!


Devuan has a version of tails called heads. No systemd


You can totally gaymes on Linux now.


File: 1548176051897.png (828.98 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190122_215326.png)

Debian GNU/Linux. It just works.


I'm currently running Arch + KDE on my computer and Arch + i3wm on my laptop.
I use i3wm because I really don't like using the touchpad. KDE is fancy and faster than GNOME.
Arch was the only distro that worked with me, I've tried Debian, Ubuntu, Deepin, Manjaro, Antergos so far. Not planning on moving.

Wow, that gave me some nostalgia. Nice interface, anon.


Antargos. It's an Arch-based rolling distro, as easy to set up as Mint can be.


Antergos* as, I realise, several lainons talked about before me. Anyway, so far so good in my case.>>2382


It would be a good joke if it wasn't so insulting


File: 1549641911427.png (753.97 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190208_205946.png)

Debian. Simply, stable and secure system. Can be recommended for everyday use.


Yes, I have been using Arch primarily for 4 years now. My initial Linux experience was in highschool where I ran Ubuntu, but couldn't get into it because at the time the DE didn't automatically put shortcuts to my newly installed apps in the start menu or anywhere I could conveniently find them. Also the game selection of Snakes and other basic games didn't impress me. In college I tried Mint Linux 10, but when I updated to Mint 11 my samba didn't work out of the box and I wasn't familiar enough with the system or terminal to even know what samba was or to make sure it was installed or enabled and gave up after that for a few years. Then when I started looking into Linux again I found Arch Linux which required you to build it from the ground up. I knew it would give me the opportunity to learn about Linux and familiarize myself with the terminal. The installation guide and wikis told me everything I needed to know. And I had even set it up as a Luks on LVM which is where I had issues installing it since grub wasn't loading lvm and I had to figure out and troubleshoot why. After that I struggled to get xorg to work with my amd drivers. At that time they were still the catalyst drivers. Anyways, learning to use Arch Linux has forced me to learn how to identify what services aren't working and to look into the logs or configs to fix issues. Now I can do most anything I need from memory.
Now I run Arch Linux as a KVM/QEMU hypervisor and do gpu passthrough to a Win10 gaming vm with my Vega 64 and have dedicated 8 gigs of hugepages just to the one vm along with 8 threads of my Ryzen 7 1800x. My Firestrike results are only about 1000 less in a vm compared to native and you can't really see the graphics difference anyway. The only issue I am facing which may be fixable by updating my linux-vfio kernel or through some other system or container tweaks is that the win10 1803 and 1809 builds won't work. I couldn't update to it because when the system rebooted it couldn't complete the installation. It just gave boot errors. Also the boot media wouldn't boot in QEMU even though it would natively. And my research lead to determining that QEMU knows there's an issue with the recent windows 10 builds. There are some work arounds that I haven['t dicked around with yet, but for now I have build 1151 as a vm and 1809 as a native boot. The main reason is that Xbox Live doesn't work completely in the lower build. The Live store is blocked so I couldn't download or run State of Decay 2. Also steam games such as Chrono Cross and amnesia don't work on build 1151 and Chrono Cross used to work before Enix updated it. So until I can get the recent build to work in QEMU I am stuck dual booting. And sorry for drifting off into Windows, but that is my present Linux virtualization and main battlestation. And of course I plan to set up many other vms in other distros and a SteamOS so taht I can compare it to gaming on Windows.


So I was looking for lesbian linux which doesn't seem to be active, and I stumbled upon Tinkerbell Linux developed by Paris Hilton. I sort of want to pop both of these bad bitch distros into a vm along with a Pony Linux image and see what these puppies can do.


File: 1551341785888.jpg (35.81 KB, 300x300, PuppyLogo.jpg)

Well if you like puppies there is also


At this point I'm practically married to Qubes. For what it does it's fast and incredibly stable. Running multiple VPN-routed VMs is a breeze, it really holds your hand for practicing good opsec, and an added benefit to the isolation is you can test/break things without breaking your entire system. The huge downside is you pretty much have to build a system for the purpose of running Qubes. Thankfully my previous build was able to run it giving me a good enough idea to commit.


What are the most stable distros without systemd? I want something to install, configure and forget about it. I don't want to spend time maintaining my system anymore.

What I have used daily for more than a month in the last couple of years:
>Alpine Linux
Good but the installer is a soykafshow. I am not able to install it on a EFI system with a manual partition layout.
I like it but the package manager is a mess if you have to compile things. Slackbuilds are too hacky and they are sometimes only compatible with a certain branch (current/14.x).
Don't want to spend a couple of hours each month updating my system. But you can have whatever you want in your system, there are no compromises.

I have yet to try a BSD distro and GuixSD. Don't know if there are other distros with an active dev team/community.
If I don't find anything better, I guess I will try Devuan or something else with systemd (Devuan, CentOS…) but I'm trying to avoid that monstrosity.

I'm using Tails right now with a USB stick but doesn't feel like a permanent solution.
I need Windows installed because gf, there is no way I can convince to stop playing popular vidya games. That's what I use 90% of the time and it doesn't feel


You can run OpenBSD like that given you don't need linux specific software (like docker, yak).

I have high hopes for Guix in getting a piece of mind with the software zoo, though haven't tried it myself.


File: 1552095602562.png (171.14 KB, 1366x768, navi.png)

using copland using arch


dobar dobar ;)


Could you share the colorscheme please?


you could use a color picker to grab it from the fetch screenshot




I use Awesome/Void Linux.


I've always wondered if there was a way to change that


I am a linux noob so I installed noobuntu. I plan on installing debian some time later.


Xubuntu and XFCE fluxbox is my favorite DE window manager


It's just a bash script, you can modify it how ever you want; i wouldn't think any other program depends on it.
It even has helpful comments saying what it's doing and how to change it.
Check it awt.


File: 1554492407760.jpg (236.44 KB, 1920x1080, 1_004.jpg)



File: 1554494987081.jpg (845.15 KB, 1024x682, 7a46e0cb843cc02a792f180d77….jpg)

WOW, cool!


File: 1554541225365.png (724.49 KB, 644x813, 53881575_2123696321050875_….png)

Copland OS - Mac OS?
What does the Arch?



File: 1554603988836.png (1012.98 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_20190406_200406.png)

I was using Manjaro for almost one year, then decided to try the real Arch experience.
It took me a whole night to complete my installation successfully because I made some errors at some points, but I felt great satisfaction when I finally got it to work.
I like KDE Plasma because I can customize pretty much everything and I'm kind of obsessed with aesthetics.
Arch results unpractical for many users because one has to find workarounds for certain things; make some tweaks here and there. However, some people like to solve this kind of problems.


manjaro i3 community for me


File: 1554845639677.png (809.61 KB, 1280x720, 2019-04-09-233001_2560x144….png)


Damn thats quite a lovely look there, please tell me about it, I gotta try it out



I would love to have a easy way to configure I3 and not have to mess with thing all the time. Like Antergos but easy to use.



From what I understand, AMD open sourced their own drivers


File: 1560443111947.png (1.03 MB, 1366x768, Снимок экрана в 2019-06-13….png)

Debian Stable. It just works.


File: 1560495277811.png (705.18 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190614_013247.png)

Recently I got a chance to make a fresh Arch install in an old laptop, I wanted to have a lightweight OS so I could learn how stuff works in lower levels, and I installed i3-gaps instead of KDE/Plasma, which I was used to.

I managed to configure almost everything to use pywal colors, mostly because I change my wallpaper at least once a day, I even made a little script that picks a random wallpaper from a folder… and eventually I realized you can use "wal -i <folder>" and it will pick a random image in there lol


looks pretty.



I love tilling windows manager, but i get so much problem because i want my tray icon to work correctly and it just doesn't and having a good looking taskbar is also taking so much time to config.



File: 1561730026387.png (379.55 KB, 862x450, Screenshot from 2019-06-28….png)

I just use Linux Mint. I'm pretty new to linux, and I wanted something that was comfy and easy to troubleshoot.

I grew up with windows, and it wasn't until a friend helped me install fedora onto my laptop. I found it neat, but I had driver issues that were more frustrating to troubleshoot than it seemed worth (serious graphics card issues making the laptop unusable). So, it was back to Windows.

Then, I tried to do a clean wipe of windows off my laptop (to start fresh), and Acer tried to cuck me out of $80. Basically, even though I had the windows key, I had to pay Acer for a disk to flash windows back onto my laptop. I promptly said "fuck you" and switched to Linux. I did use Windows 10 once I got a desktop, cause "for teh gaymes", but I hated it so much I quickly switched back to Mint. Not much of a gamer grill anyway.

Since then, I've been using mint and tbh I like it a lot. Reading this thread, people are talking about some hack on their site, and I don't know anything about that. But I've been thinking of making a switch to something else. From this thread, maybe debian.



Better buckle up, Debian is really good in terms of security but it's also a real pain in the ass.


File: 1561735354468.png (788.23 KB, 1280x1024, 153273043218.png)

Everything is not so bad


Is it easy enough to install? I can set up a partition for experimentation, something I've been wanting to do anyway


>Better buckle up, Debian is really good in terms of security but it's also a real pain in the ass.
Keeping all packages on 2-3 year old versions is good for "stability" but definitely not security. All bugs that are silently fixed without CVE drama don't get fixed in Debian so you're vulnerable to a lot of soykaf.



Well, I would say no, but it's depend if you use free driver or not. Since they don't give it in the installer the option to go with non free driver which mean you have to download Wifi driver, graphics card drivers etc on another usb to install during the installation. It's really is a pain in the ass. Even Arch is so much more simple then Debian on so much stuff.



I hear you, and i agree. I just see Debian as the Firefox ESR of linux Distro. I love it for that.



If i can recommend you a Distro that i used for my work and personal computer. Anarchy linux. It's a text base installer for Arch.


File: 1562764938272.png (987.4 KB, 1024x768, 153822430831.png)

Debian GNU/Linux are better.


File: 1565631740763.png (1.15 MB, 1366x768, Снимок экрана_2019-08-12_2….png)

Sup, /tech/. Rate my desktop.

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